Boketto Team Picks

The Boketto team knows how to do the holidays. Each of the women on our team selected their favorite for gifting (and also for themselves) during this holiday season. You can trust the creativity, compassion, intelligence, and taste from this crew. The shopping is done for you....


Jennifer Elsner
Creative Direction & Design

Activist Manuka Honey 100+ - Adding a little honey to my morning chai has made an incredible shift in my outlook on life and how I feel daily. For real. It seems starting the day with a little sweetness goes a long way.

Double Blind Magazine - After 2021 election cycle I cut out watching the news. this left a gap in my evening routine, which is now blissfully filled with learning about (and reveling in) in the world of psychedelics and other plant medicines.

Summer School Ikebana Vase - I’m inspired by Alyson Fox’s singular approach to Ikebana (@wannaikebana) and this vase sets a wonderful stage in which to take a playful approach to the Japanese philosophy and art form.


Mary McQuate Silcox
Shop Girl Extraordinaire

The Wax Apple Ebony Body Massager - This beautiful, sculptural tool works wonders on relieving stagnation wherever you feel called to use it. I especially love it around the chest and legs. Pretty enough to leave out, and grab as you watch a movie.

Five Seasons TCM Coix Seed - Tastes like buttery popcorn with the texture of barley. Has become a staple for my fall menu. The medicinal benefits are a plus.

Marie Veronique Barrier Restore Serum - I cannot/will not go a day without this on my face. It feels sublime, plus does wonders for years of sun damage.


Olivia Yohai
Bodywork & Massage


La Lyra Whole Earth Candle - This candle has made me feel warm and fuzzy all season long so I'd love to share that with others.

Hegu Acupressure Rings - I recommend these for so many people and everyone finds a lot of relief with them. So relaxing. 

Brightland Olive Oil - A game changer in the kitchen. Lemon, Chili, Basil... Has turned massaged kale into my favorite meal. A drizzle goes a long way.


Christina Lyon
Shop Girl Extraordinaire


Supernatural Hrbls - I love the packaging and all the unique flavors . Plus the chill. (Available in-store or via DM/phone).

Quinton Hypertonic - I am also totally obsessed with Quintons. I take them daily. I love the ritual and the refreshing salty taste. I guess I need my minerals!

Morihata Binchotan Charcoal Mask - It’s been a game changer for my sleep. Its soft, lightweight, and makes it dark, giving me a deeper rest. OH! and feels so lux. I can’t sleep without it.


Jelena Nikolajevic
Acupuncture & Founder of Boketto Wellness

Wax Atelier Wax Linen Food Wraps -  I think these make great gifts for everyone. Utilitarian and beautiful. Ditch the plastic wrap!

A Weed is a Flower - This coffee table book from Broccoli Magazine is a collection of 25 artists, from around the world, each revealing different facets of the cannabis plant's unexpected beauty. 

Boketto LAB The Oil - We worked with Suzy Brockmann to create an exceptional oil with an ultra-rich, herbal blend of ingredients— a worldly infusion of traditional Chinese herbs in Moroccan argan oil. We’ve been told it’s life changing ;-) 


Nic Pitts

Zizia Sleep Tincture - Delivered the BEST sleep I’ve had in a LONG time. 

Sasawashi Towel - Exfoliates like a champ— and great for those hard to reach places. 

Shaman Shack Morning Jing - A staple. A classic. Amazing to build jing (an essence in Chinese Medicine that I like to translate as our savings account of energy). Full of blood nourishing and jing building herbs. 


Pasha Kat Yuen
Bodywork & Massage

Rasananda Ayurveda Herbal Compresses - I place these between my shoulder blades or around my hips and belly after a long day to feel both relaxed and rejuvenated. They’re easy to tuck in the waistband for someone with bad periods, or to lay on to melt away neck tension. Especially nice to smush a loved one’s aches away! 

Hazeltine Weekend Lover Candle - Crisp and sultry but not too overwhelming for sensitive olfactory systems.

Fat of the Land Citrus & Geranium Lymphatic Body Scrub - The ritual of exfoliation made 10x nicer with this herbal salt. The touch of rose makes it divine.


Kate Belew
Content & Strategy


Home LA Turkish Towels -  Not only do these towels feel amazing but they look amazing too. Perfect for a picnic or just out of the bath. 

Anima Mundi by Sigil - is my signature scent. Rose, jasmine and hinoki wood. The perfect gift! (Boketto note: Yes, you can gift scent when it come from a place of knowing and deep affection. We can help you, too.)

Ceramics - Any piece from the Boketto’s ceramic collection is iconic and sure to become a staple in every home.