Boketto wouldn’t be half as fun, let alone thrive, without this team of talented women who completely blow-me-away. Each brings creativity, compassion, intelligence and acumen to the table on the reg. 



Alex Cooley

Say you’re a stockist and want to be on Boketto's shelves... Or you ordered product online ... Alex is your person. 80% Bon vivant and 20% I dotter T crosser, give her an Excel sheet + inventory and she’s happy as a clam— but give her a high-performing natural face oil, and Katy, bar the door! Facial connoisseur, hospitality maven, plus oozing wit deluxe, everything’s better with Alex.


Susan Brockmann

We’re often told that upon entering Boketto folx immediately feel more relaxed— or we overhear “It smells soooo good.” Both are thanks to Suzy! With a background in Feng Shui and, in general, being highly attuned, Suzy intuitively rearranges our brick & mortar to meet the moment, mood, and merchandising needs. Suzy also is Boketto LAB’s Product Developer. True to form, in her hands, our in-house product line cultivates natural alchemy via the power of plants, all the while delighting the senses.



Jennifer Elsner 

She has strong opinions (just ask), but also is uber curious and an active listener. Jennifer, our post-minimalist, Creative Director nimbly applies her braintrust to all areas of the Boketto brand. She hates writing in the third person, but loves spearheading new initiatives, writing difficult emails and resisting norms in all ways. Jennifer has deep feels about Texas Barbecue and thinks Tarot is all that plus a bag of chips.


Forever vibe


Kate Belew

Our resident Word Witch, Kate Belew is a Brooklyn based Writer, Poet, Storyteller, and Strategist. Her work spans genres and spaces: poetry, nonprofits, immersive theatre, health & wellness, herbalism, diversity & inclusive, tech, and the psychedelic. Anything social, Kate is your gal. Hit her up to speak about the journal, spells, or anything plant-based. She is currently a student at Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. 

Allison Walton

Allison is our resident polymath. She teaches movement, mindfulness and menstruation matters. She holds down the fort, cracks the code of always-confounding computer conundrums, and builds bridges with aligned communities. SUPPORTED is a curation of auto-led movement and restorative practices, for navigating the now—offered through Boketto Spring 2021.