Further customize results by adding targeted treatments when booking your facial with a Biologique Recherche Co-Factor or Boketto Add-on. 



For even more visible results, we suggest you finish your treatment with a Biologique Recherche Co-factor. These pre-formed masks are designed to follow the contours of the face to deliver a targeted and intensive treatment. Some Co-factors are not available for retail purchase, and are exclusive to our Biologique Recherche Signature Facial and Microcurrent services. Be warned, Co-factors will put your favorite sheet mask, chin sling or eye patches to shame. All prices include gratuity. 

Masque Biologique Féerie
15 minutes / $70
An intense treatment that tenses, tones and revitalizes your skin. “Féerie” contains Marine Collagen, a moisturizing and tightening active ingredient which produces magnificent results. This sheet mask provides moisture while tightening and firming up the skin for a refreshed and smoother complexion. Recommended to address dilated pores or skin lacking firmness.

Masque Collagene Caviar
15 minutes / $80
The mixture of caviar and collagen reinvigorates the elasticity in your skin while softening and hydrating it at the same time. Featuring pure high quality collagen fibers, when combined with nourishing caviar tightens, regenerates and soothes the skin. A refreshing treatment for mature skin delivering a smooth feel and firm tone with diminished redness.

Masque PIGM 400
15 minutes / $50
The formula of Masque PIGM 400 is concentrated in exceptional brightening and antioxidant active ingredients that give an amazing boost to the skin’s radiance. An illuminating treatment that helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and control free radical damage for a more radiant complexion. A powerhouse of botanical brightening agents for to combat sun damage, melasma or dull skin. Shop Masque PIGM 400

Patchs Defatigants
15 minutes / $50
To immediately reduce signs of fatigue and aging in the eye contour. Patchs Défatigants are pre-impregnated with a formula enriched with anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles and anti-wrinkle active ingredients. Targeted peptides, caffeine, silk tree extract, hyaluronic acid, and polysaccharides come together to reduce puffiness, smooth and lift wrinkles, brighten dark circles, and refresh tired eyes. Shop Patchs Defatigants

15 minutes / $50
Designed to firm and tone sagging facial contours along the jawline, Platysma provides an immediate “lift” effect. This revolutionary new chin mask combines the benefits of an anti-gravity and anti-ptosis mask in a single step to redesign facial contours and visibly redefine the jawline. The jaw line is restructured, and the shape of the face is tightened. A great mask for those concerned with jowls and sagging skin particularly if added into a treatment with Microcurrent. Shop Platysma

A little of this. A little of that. If you don’t already know what you want, ask your esthetician how you can best build a custom facial that meets your current needs & goals. All prices include gratuity
10 minutes / $60

20 minutes / $95

LED Light Therapy
30 minutes / $45

Gua Sha
30 minutes / $75
60 minutes / $75

Dien Chen Zone
30 minutes / $60
60 minutes / $90

Micro Hydration Mask
20 minutes / $45

Hand Reflexology
30 minutes / $65

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