Astrology is the study of the movement and positioning of the planets and stars also known as the celestial bodies. (think Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn etc.) Christina Lyon, our resident astrologer, and creator of Lua Astrology, practices astrology to help her clients harness their innate talents and strengths to navigate through life’s big challenges and transitions.

She views astrology as a cosmic language and tool to unlock the deepest potential of your soul’s unique destiny. By analyzing the patterns, aspects, and karmic energy of your natal chart she is able to offer detailed and specific guidance to help her clients master their souls identity, gifts, and highest purpose in this lifetime.  

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Your year ahead forecast

For existing clients, who have had a natal chart reading with me. In this 60 min reading, you will learn all about your solar return and gain insightful awareness of what to expect for the upcoming year.

60 minutes
/ $100


Your Universal Hotline for Current Transits

Surviving your Saturn return, or just need guidance? This reading is your astrology 411. I will interpret the current transits aspecting your birth chart, and pull oracle cards to offer guidance and support based on your unique situation.

75 minutes / $111


Full Birth Chart Exploratory

Want to learn to interpret your soul’s cosmic blueprint? In this 90 minute reading, we will dive deep into your birth chart to explore your identity, relationships, career, talents, strengths, karmic patterns, life purpose, and so much more. This offering can be for yourself, your partner, a loved one, your child, or newborn baby!

90 minutes / $130


Meet Christina Lyon

Christina is an intuitive astrologer and the creator of Lua Astrology. Christina uses her intuitive gifts and knowledge of astrology, psychology, and numerology to offer personalized natal chart readings to her clients.

As a Gemini sun, Sagittarius moon, and Sagittarius rising, born under a full moon lunar eclipse. Christina is a self-proclaimed rebel and lover of all things occult. She sees astrology as the language of the universe and a cosmic blueprint to understanding your soul’s karma and purpose in life.

Christina completed her B.S. in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University and received a Minor in Religious Studies. She has been studying astrology since 2014 and completed a year-long astrology course in 2021, created by professional astrologer Heather Eland, MA. Christina is also a 200 Hr registered yoga teacher from Kripalu, Center for Yoga, and a holistic health coach certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Christina practices western tropical astrology and uses the whole sign house system in her readings.