Boketto Services

We advise speaking to a medical doctor if you have questions or concerns about any Boketto service.

A key component of traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture supports the smooth flow of “Qi” (chee) via the insertion of needles along various energetic channels on the body. By releasing holding patterns, acupuncture restores the body and helps with both mental and physical disharmonies.

Our practitioner compliments their work with nutritional and lifestyle counseling, and Traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

A form of traditional Chinese Medicine, our practice utilizes glass cups and flame in order to produce suction on the skin. The cups are left for a prescribed amount of time, and then released. This practice detoxifies, increases circulation, and brings in fresh oxygen by pulling up from under the fascia layer of the dermis.

This Eastern practice brings relief to patients and can aid in reducing anxiety, fatigue, stiff muscles, back and neck pain, migraines, and even high blood pressure.

Skin, our largest organ, reflects the terrain of our life and state of being. We believe in nourishing and protecting this precious barrier through a holistic skincare regimen that works on an individual level. Our Biologique Recherche and Boketto Skincare Treatments are customized with products to meet your personal needs and include: a full evaluation, cleansing, surface ph/balancing, custom exfoliation and finishing masks, extractions as needed, restorative serums, and massage.
Our Targeted Skincare Services are designed to address your most common concerns (eg: acne, aging, hair & scalp, back), wholistically, and deliver the long-term results you want: inner confidence and healthy-looking skin.
At your first appointment, our estheticians work with you to determine the course of treatment, including number of visits recommended, targeted add-ons, and at home skincare support.


Touch is an important aspect to healing. Whether it’s Swedish, deep tissue, pre-natal, Meridian, Craniosacral or foot reflexology, facilitating movement through gentle or strong pressure is a way to ease pain and tension, and bring the body (and mind) back into balance.

Our practitioner aims to assist women & families to develop more stability in their mental and physical wellbeing through gentle manual therapies. Her infant practice supports babies through their transition to life outside of the womb, breastfeeding, and growing into strong and healthy infants.

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Ayurveda is a traditional system of medicine from India, practiced for over 5,000 years. This medicine is rooted in getting to know the qualities of the elements that make up all of life: Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether. Through consultations and body therapies, we’ll get to know how these elements and their qualities interact with your unique constitution and create a personalized path towards balance. 

Boketto believes body hair is a personal preference: smooth & sleek, au naturel or someplace in the middle. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, as an add-on to a service or stand-alone, we provide Waxing + Tinting services to meet you how you are.
Rooted in helping others achieve a greater sense of balance, creative expression, clarity and mind-body wellness, we can look to the stars and experience sound. Harness your innate talents and strengths and free yourself to better navigate through life’s transitions. Appointments are booked directly with these practitioners