The Ziz Drop Mocktail

If you’re looking to cut back on alcohol or in the mood for a mocktail, this calming alcohol-free herbal drink is an experiential way to enjoy herbs without the booze.

A Ziz Drop is kind of like a sugar cube with herbs suspended inside (yum!). That being said you can melt your Ziz Drops into a simple syrup and turn them into a delicious and mood calming herbal drink.

Ziz Drops are available at Boketto, and come in two herbal flavors. Damiana says relax, play your favorite album, and mute all calls. The taste of Passion-flower, Lavender & Rose comes along for the ride. Kava Kava is a go-to for tension, easing a racing mind, and in place of that stiff dirty martini at the end of the day. Tastes of Passionflower, Chamomile & Orange sweeten any situation. 


2 Ziz Drops Per Person

Flavored Sparking Water


Garnish: A Sprig of Rosemary, Citrus Peel, Cinnamon Stick, Berries, Edible Flowers, Get Creative! 


1. First off, pick your Ziz Drop

2. Select a small saucepan, one with a narrow surface area, smaller the better

3. Add 1/4 cup of water

4. Toss in 2 Ziz Drops (pick your flavor or combine)

5. Heat on low until the drops dissolve, heads up, you gotta work with this a little, shift the pan around a bit, so all your water doesn’t boil off before it melts, you’ll get the hang

6. Once the drops have melted, you’re left with your herbal syrup, pour this on top of a small 8-12oz glass packed with ice

7. Top with sparkling water (flavor of choice, we like Kimino brand Yuzu, Ume or Mikan)

8. Sip and relax


These are a great host gift, or the perfect accent to a holiday gathering with close friends or family. 


**These are powerful herbs, and are not for children unless prescribed.