Supernatural HRBLS

Supernatural HRBLS

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Pocket-sized, plant-based, and potent - think of HRBLS as snack remedies. Each chew is infused with a special blend of herbal extracts to equal a dose of goodness that you can eat as needed.

100% natural - plant-based and super healthy - HRBLS are shelf-stable, portable, and specifically designed to provide you with a serving of herbs per bite. Imagine a strong cup of tea or tincture, in gummy form. They’re made for busy folks who want herbs that can keep up - modern, natural treatments that are convenient, healthy, straightforward and effective.

From Supernatural. Created by Herbalist and Holistic Health Practitioner Rachelle Robinett: “HRBLS marry elements that I believe are the future of health: functional food, herbal supplements, and super beautiful nutrition.”

Ingredients: Honey, Vegetable Glycerin, Water, Apple Pectin, L-theanine, Citric Ccid, Lavender, Fresh Rarragon, extracts of Ashwaganda Root, Oat Seeds, and Skullcap