Gift Guide: Learn

There are worlds in words. Gifting a love of learning, exploration, and reading goes beyond the gift itself. It is truly the gift that keeps giving. Wrap up a book, guide, or magazine this holiday season to encourage expansion. 


From the Boketto Book Shelves

We’ve selected these books because they make us smile, they encourage us to grow, and they teach us about new ways of being. Pay it forward! 

A Weed is a Flower
Acne Answer
Awakening Fertility
Dimes Times
Getting to Center
Holistic Dental Care
Renegade Beauty
The First Forty Days
Vibrate Higher Daily
Wine, Unfiltered
Wabi-Sabi: For Artists, Designers, Poets, & Philosophers
Wabi-Sabi: Further Thoughts
Yoga Facelift

From the Magazine Rack 

We love Doubleblind, Broccoli, The Wine Zine, and The Gentlewoman magazines. They keep up on the cutting edge of psychedelics, cannabis culture, wine, and the arts and style. Roll these editions up and slip into a stocking, or pair with a relaxing bath soak. You can’t go wrong. 

From the Classroom 

Gift a lesson in Reflexology, Gua Sha, or Skin Health. A beautiful pairing with an oil, tool, or just on its own. This gift is interactive and educational (two of our favorite things).