Gift Guide: Ease

Ease is for anyone and everyone. In turbulent times, the gift of a moment is beyond precious. We selected our favorites for easeful gifting, for the sure thing, for the beauty of simplicity, and for our staples in gift-giving (emphasis on relaxation).

Wabi Sabi, For Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers

The Wabi-Sabi book is a celebration of Japanese aesthetic values. Wabi-sabi, in its purest, most idealized form, is precisely about the delicate traces, the faint evidence, at the borders of nothingness. This book describes the principles of Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese aesthetic associated with Japanese tea ceremonies and based on the belief that true beauty comes from imperfection and incompletion, through text and photographs. 

Hegu Acupressure Rings

Gift ease through acupressure with The Hegu Acupressure Ring. This is an all-natural and drug-free way to try to experience some relief via triggering acupressure points. Small but mighty, this is not only a gift but a cure for holiday headaches.

Circle & Crescent 2022 Moon Calendar

Living cyclically with the phases of the moon is a way to bring ease and magic into the everyday. Give the gift of moon-based mindfulness with the Circle and Crescent 2022 calendar. Designed by artist Paris Miller, these calendars are beautifully screen-printed by hand.

Bodha Smokeless Incense

Take a deep breath and add Bodha Incense to your shopping list this season. This is therapeutic perfumery for the home. Bodha incense sticks are made in Japan using traditional methods from the finest organic woods and essential oils.

Nerve Less Supernatural Tea

Nerve Less by Rachelle Robinett and Supernatural is a cup of relaxation. Perfect to tuck into a stocking, Supernatural Teas are best brewed whenever you're looking for a moment for yourself, a tea on the go, and herbal support. 

Cristalline Face Roller

There’s nothing more soothing than adding crystal-healing into your skincare routine. Give the gift of ease in your loved one’s daily ritual. The single ball face roller is great for targeted treatment, travel or on-the-go release.