What’s New!

If you follow us on Social, you might have seen a couple of posts about upcoming changes. Well, the time is now and we’re all buzzing from the goodness and can’t wait to share the news!

Our service menu is expanding with new offerings: Acu-Lift (Cosmetic Acupuncture), Microneedling, Facial Peels, and Body Sculpting (Mederotherapy) treatments. These new services are next-level ways to make you look and feel your best. 

We’re also honored to be the ONLY place in the region to shop for the high-performing, cult-favorite Biologique Recherche product line. #iykyk

Also, our Estheticians have taken the required self-study courses, and have participated in the comprehensive Biologique Recherche in-person training. We’re now exclusively offering a full slate of Biologique Recherche proprietary skincare services— providing new tools and techniques that target your skin’s health and vibrance.

Read on for a brief overview of what’s new



Minimally invasive, Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that uses small, sterilized needles to prick the skin. With multiple-sessions, the treatment aims to generate new collagen and skin tissue to smooth, firm, and tone skin, additionally, it can reduce the appearance of acne scars, scars, stretch marks, dark spots, wrinkles, and large pores.




Acu-Lift (Cosmetic Acupuncture)

Acu-Lift is acupuncture that focuses specifically on the aesthetic condition of the face. Like traditional acupuncture, it involves strategically inserting ultra-thin, sterilized needles into different areas of the skin with the aim of stimulating blood flow and balancing the body's Qi (which, when translated, means "vital energy" in Traditional Chinese Medicine). Acu-Lift works to:

  • Improve Collagen Production
  • Support Acne Treatments
  • Reduce Inflammation and Jaw Tension


Biologique Recherche

Biologique Recherche’s Methodology has earned an enviable reputation for effectiveness, thanks to its winning combination: a clinical approach to personalized skincare; unadulterated, concentrated, and practically raw products; and complex formulas applied with original and rigorous treatment protocols.

Its holistic approach to skin – as an organ that’s directly connected to all the others – brings a particularly groundbreaking vision to all the techniques specific to their proprietary services.

We’re thrilled to carry Biologique Recherche at Boketto. For now, the only way to purchase products is in-store and over the phone. We recommend you begin your “BR” journey with an in-person skin consultation with us or a online with Biologique Recherche. Soon, we’ll offer online shopping for this very special line of skincare.



Body Sculpt (Maderotherapy)

Maderotherapy, also called Wood Therapy, is a form of body massage that uses various hand-held wooden tools. During a Wood Therapy session, these specialized tools are used with repetitive motions on certain areas of the body, such as the face, torso, arms, and legs. Deep, continuous, direct pressure is placed on “problem areas” to affect change. Anne will be offering this service that:

  • Breaks down fat and cellulite
  • Reshapes the body
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Improves skin tone and elasticity
  • Loosens tight muscles
  • Stimulates blood circulation