Lait = Milk

We’re thrilled to carry Biologique Recherche at Boketto. For now, the only way to purchase products is in-store and over the phone. We recommend you begin your “BR” journey with an in-person skin consultation with us or a online with Biologique Recherche. Soon, we’ll offer online shopping for this very special line of skincare.

The four face cleansers by Biologique Recherche begin with the French word for milk, LAIT. 

Biologique Recherche face cleansers focus on “milk” formulas over other types of cleansers because the cream-base guarantees optimal skin tolerance without drying or irritating the skin. It also uniquely delivers lipids to protect the hydrolipidic film against external stress factors— thereby maintaining the skin’s water balance and preserving its barrier function.

To match the Biologique Recherche methodology and hyper-personalization skincare at every stage we offer the full Face Cleanser Collection in treatments as well as at retail. Each is formulated to efficiently remove makeup, while the active ingredients effectively address the needs of the targeted Skin Instants:

  • Lait E.V. recommended for alipidic, dehydrated, and mature Skin Instants
  • Lait O2 recommended for asphyxiated and dull Skin Instants
  • Lait Dermo-S r ecommended for fragile, sensitive Skin Instants
  • Lait S.R recommended for combination acne prone, or seborrheic Skin Instants

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Formulated for fragile, sensitive skin, Lait Dermo-S (lay dair-mo-ess) features a high-tolerance formula that cleanses skin and removes make-up without causing irritation or redness. It gently removes impurities to protect the primary functions of the most vulnerable epidermises. Its soothing action limits the skin’s reactions to external stress factors and relieves the sensations of discomfort caused by cleansing. Skin feels comforted, clean and moisturized with a light soft milky texture.


Lait S.R.


Ideal for combination, acne prone or seborrheic skin. Lait S.R. (lay ess-air) is a purifying cleanser that removes impurities and excess sebum from the skin’s surface. It gently cleanses and removes make-up to protect the hydrolipidic film and keep skin balanced, which seborrheic acne prone skin needs to function effectively. Lait S.R. unclogs and tightens pores, and balances and mattifies skin. Features a fresh, light gel cream texture.

Lait O2


Lait O2 (lay oh-deuh) is an oxygenating, anti-pollution cleanser that purifies the skin of tiny polluting particles that are sometimes even smaller than the pores on the face. Ideal for asphyxiated and dull skin, its deep-down cleansing action removes the urban pollutants that accumulate on the skin’s surface. Pristine again, skin regains its natural radiance and the complexion lights up with a fresh glow. 


Lait E.V.


Recommended for alipidic, dehydrated, and mature skin, Lait E.V. (lay euh-vay) effectively eliminates impurities and makeup, even the most resistant, while re-lipidating the driest areas of the face. Its active ingredients help prevent the skin from drying out, in particular for the mature skin which is prone to severe dehydration. Its unctuous texture provides a true moment of comfort and leaves a nourishing veil on the skin. The skin is hydrated, supple, and soothed of its sensations of tightness.