Wood Therapy

Maderotherapy, also called Wood Therapy, is a technique that uses various hand-held wooden tools— typically focused on areas like the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, waist, and back— aiming to contour and reshape these areas for a more toned and sculpted look. 

The Wood Therapy we know today is actually based on an Eastern practice that dates back hundreds of years. Benefits can include breaking down fat and cellulite, promoting blood circulation, smoothing the skin, relaxation, and more! We’re excited to now be offering Body Sculpt (Wood Therapy) at Boketto.

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Three benefits of Wood Therapy

Reduction of Cellulite
Wood Therapy can help break down fat and cellulite, which the practitioner then moves to where it can be eliminated through the lymphatic system with other waste products. Wood Therapy is a complement to weight loss, incorporating it at the same time you are exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet is most beneficial for Wood Therapy’s ability to reduce the presence of cellulite.

Releasing of Physical Tightness
Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. A lifestyle of limited physical activity, repetitive movement that overworks one part of the body, or trauma such as surgery or injury all contribute to fascia tightness. Keeping your fascia healthy has many benefits. Wood Therapy can result in moving more easily, having a better range of motion and experiencing less pain. 

Increasing the Circulation of Lymph
The lymphatic system (part of the immune system) consists of a network of vessels, nodes, and organs that carry lymph fluid throughout the body. Lymph fluid contains white blood cells that fight infection. It also helps rid the body of waste and excess fluid. Manual lymphatic drainage is a technique used to encourage the natural (and necessary!) movement of lymph fluid. While wood Therapy is different than manual lymphatic drainage massage, many of its techniques address the need to, and benefits of, moving lymph.


What wood therapy isn’t

Wood Therapy and Body Contouring are officially two different types of treatments— but they have basically the same goals. The difference is Wood Therapy helps to break down your body fat while Body Contouring helps to tighten your skin and improve elasticity. 

And it’s not a solution for everyone as every body responds differently to Wood Therapy. There are also other factors like age, weight, and frequency of treatment to consider as well. If you are wondering if you’re a good candidate, next time you are in the shop, ask us! Or call 804-354-6707. We’ll do what we can to get you answers.

Wood Therapy isn’t a one and done treatment. Typically, you’re able to see a small difference after your first treatment— but most clients really start to see the effects between their third and fifth treatments. Wood therapy is most effective as an ongoing treatment, similar to how regular massage therapy works. The more consistent you are with it, the more noticeable and longer-lasting the effects will be. 


What to expect during a Boketto Body Sculpt Session

During a Wood Therapy session, what we call Body Sculpt, specialized wooden tools are used with repetitive motions on certain areas of the body, such as the face, torso, arms, and legs. Deep, continuous, direct pressure is placed on areas you want targeted. The tools are sanitized between uses.

Your practitioner, Anne, begins with applying a ginger oil (great for lymphatic system), then a series of wood tools are used on the body areas wanting to be targeted. Together, you decide the intensity and added pressure to promote the breakdown of fat and fibrous cellulite so that it can be eliminated naturally with other toxins through the lymphatic system. Various techniques, such as rolling, kneading, and tapping stimulate blood flow, break down fat deposits— ultimately improving the appearance of cellulite. 

While this might sound like massage... be warned, the first few sessions may cause discomfort as you work with your practitioner to figure out the right amount of pressure for you. Sessions should become more comfortable over time. Wood Therapy may cause bruising for some, and some people actually find the therapy relaxing.

After a series of 3-5 sessions, the results usually stick around for about three months. So if you miss a session, your progress won’t be lost.

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