Boketto Holiday Gift Guide | Home

Photography: Liz Smithers of Laka Living

The final Holiday Gift Guide in our three-part series (previously: Skin, Body & Holistic Wellness and Apothecary & Wellness Staples) includes select home products for creating a desirable ambiance and mood, to promote clean living throughout every room in the house and for building a modern and sleek pantry filled with thoughtfully designed ceramics. 


Subtle scents, smokeless incense and seasonal candles, all with beautiful aesthetics in mind, create a desirable ambiance for those that appreciate quiet moments of solitude. 

Bodha Smokeless Incense | These gently scented incense sticks are made from organic woods and essential oils for a subtle fragrance and a smokeless burn to calm, ground, purify or refresh. Creates a wonderful ritual when bathing, meditating, cleaning, resting or doing a self-practice such as restorative yoga. 

Bodha Ritual Brass Incense Holder | An aesthetically pleasing ritual incense holder that displays as a modern work of art in any room of the house. 

Na Nin x Boketto Ceramic Candle | A special local, seasonal collaboration with Na Nin that blends together notes of evergreen, cleansing sage and sacred palo santo into a rich, black soy wax. The black ceramic vessel creates a modern look and feel that can be repurposed for potting succulents and small plants, as well as any other creative uses for the home space. 


For toxic-free living, this bundle of gentle hand cleansers, space mists, home cleanser and natural water purifying sticks help to enhance the quality of living, cleaning, breathing and sleeping. 

Botnia Gentle Hand Soap | Botanical extracts in this gentle cleanser hydrate and nourish the skin while also serving as antimicrobial agents. Contains handcrafted castile soap made from a blend of coconut and olive oils, plus hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3 to keep hands soft, plus witch-hazel extract to fight irritation and redness.

La Lyra Mood Mist | These locally handcrafted room sprays can be used as an all-purpose mist to purify and refresh home linens, clothing, furniture and so forth. Alternatively, these are also wonderful to use as a smoke-free smudge to aid in space clearing and cleansing. 

Na Nin Lavender & Virginia Pine Home Cleaner | An ideal companion for cleaning surfaces in your home including countertops, sinks, tubs and washroom tile. 

Binchotan Charcoal Natural Water Purifying Sticks | Binchotan charcoal is regarded as the purest and most effective type of activated charcoal, and is revered for its purifying ability. When simply added to a carafe of water, the thousands of microscopic cavities left in the wood remove unwanted toxins and impurities, while softening and improving waters taste. Completely natural, the sticks are great for the garden and can be disposed of in soil once they start to diminish in efficacy (about 3 months). 


These gorgeous ceramic selects help to encourage the slow build of a modern and sleek pantry for timeless and creative use. 

Humble Ceramics Canister | Elegant, rustic and modern, this timeless artisan pottery piece is multi-functional, for storing bulk herbs or other kitchen cooking and baking staples.  

Humble Ceramics Enoki Bowl | For your morning bowl of oats, breakfast hash, soups, seasonal salads and then some, this thoughtfully designed bowl claims the sweet spot in your pantry for everyday use or special occasions. 

Ware For Life Handcrafted Ceramic Spoon | These custom, locally crafted ceramic spoons are ideal as coffee spoons, impromptu teaspoons, for finishing salts & olive oils, heaping scoops of coconut butter, raw honey, syrups and sauce drizzles. Versatility and creativity with every use.