Lunaception: A Leap Towards Body & Lunar Literacy

There are so many wonderful people on the Boketto team, from our estheticians, to practitioners, to make-up artists, to acupuncturists and more. Today, we would like to place the spotlight on our in-house Naturopath: Dr. Alexandra Cope. Speaking with Dr. Cope alone is like an invitation to elevate the self— she brings to any space she enters an air of knowledge and wisdom, and creates an atmosphere of warmth and ease whether it be in her home or at the office. Dr. Cope does not treat just one organ, or just one limb— rather, she views the patient as a whole person and seeks to treat her patients holistically on an emotional and physical, and soul level in order to promote sustainability and long-term solutions. 

We are so happy to be home to her next venture, Lunaception. The term comes from Louise Lacey and is described in her 1974 book as: "Lunaception: a feminine odyssey into fertility and contraception." The fundamental premise of the method is that nature and the universe are full of rhythms and cycles. Based on the idea that menstruation is linked with the moon, Dr. Cope is expanding this idea to include all types of bodies and to provide information on body literacy— keeping lunar literacy in mind— in a three month course.

By combining body literacy with lunar literacy, Dr. Cope seeks to empower and inform womxn about their bodies and cycles— essentially allowing her audience to understand what is happening at different times of the month and how to best take space for ourselves during these various times. By creating sustainable practices, Dr. Cope hopes that those in the program implement this information into their lifestyle to optimize time and productivity while meeting their individual needs. By making this knowledge accessible, this program will act as an open space for learning and development as inspired by the moon. Observe the moon and your cycles together to use biphasic herbal formulas and more in order to harmonize your hormones and your life— figure out when your body needs rest, needs movement, needs creativity, etc.

While the program is centered around seven group meetings, which are defined by Dr. Cope’s lectures, group workshops, and open discussions— the program is still highly individualized as it includes a 90-minute intake, as well as one-on-one meetings with our naturopath and a personalized therapeutic diet. The full program includes Dr. Cope’s own supplements, herbal remedies, and tinctures, as well as bonus gifts throughout the course. We also offer drop-in rates in order to make the program as accessible as possible. Please refer to the link below for the schedule and to select which lectures you would like to participate in. 

To view the schedule, visit and come to our launch party this Friday (9/13) at 5:30 pm for more information and special gifts from Poppykock florals, Pomona Plants nourishment, and Sun and Selene jewelry. We will be offering natural wine for sips, and great company for chats. Together, we can learn more about ourselves and each other. You cannot pour from an empty cup— take care of yourself first through understanding yourself.