Boketto Holiday Gift Guide | Apothecary & Wellness Staples

Photography courtesy: Liz Smithers of Laka Living

Today, we're revealing the second installment in our #BokettoHoliday Gift Guide, with a focus on building a modern apothecary filled with wellness-forward pantry staples.

From modern indulgences that extend beyond the bar of dark chocolate to yin apothecary products that balance and calm, we've curated some special selects that make the gift giving experience a little more creative and intentional. 


Straight up bliss is actually possible, without the sugar hangover. These sweet and decadent little palate pleasures are deal for those that love to indulge mindfully and simply will not settle for the traditional dark chocolate bar.  

Laka Living Tocos & Adaptogenic Cookie Butter | The rich, creamy texture of tocos paired with this decant modern day cashew butter create a true modern day indulgence that feeds the skin, adrenals, hormones and that nagging sweet tooth that won't quiet down. 

Moon Juice Deep Chocolate Protein | This energizing, whole-body nourisher is an easily assimilated protein source made from raw, sprouted brown rice, plus potent doses of cacao and maca to support optimal energy levels and mood. Pairs well with heaping scoops of tocos and cookie butter for straight up bliss. 

Zenbunni Gheenache | Each one of these signature soft chocolate spreads include nutrient rich, immunity-enhancing, and deeply restorative infusions of Ayurvedic Ghee with cacao, a touch of biodynamic cane jaggery, and adaptogenic herbs full of synergistic Plant Magic: Canyon Classic, Vanilla Reishi, Chaga Chai and Nourishing Nettle. Let creativity run wild with these, as there is no wrong way to experiment and enjoy. 


To encourage experimentation with grounding herbal teas, chocolates and elixirs that open the heart while calming the mind. Ideal for the sensitive types in your life, or those that could use a reminder to indulge in some tending loving self-care, especially if they tend to give so much to others. 

Addictive Wellness Femininity Chocolate | Thoughtful chocolate with a personality type, intended for any time of the month to support balance and yin. Cacao is combined with shatavari, maca, ashwagandha, white peony and himalayan salt to create simple little luxuries within arms reach. 

Boketto Matcha | Antioxidant and cholorophyll-dense, our tins of pure-grade matcha powder encourage grounding energy, creativity, focus and an elevated mood. Pairs well as a staple in morning Yin Lattes, dusted on morning granola and breakfast parfaits and baked into homemade indulgences.

Damiana Elixir by La Abeja Herbs | This potent herb is very warming in nature, bringing circulation to the periphery of the body and especially to the sexual centers. Taken by the drop or dropperful can create a profound shift in consciousness that lends itself to a sensuous experience alone or with a loved one. Also wonderful as a pre or post-meditation experience.

Ginger Tonic Botanicals Heart Rise Tea | Heart uplifting nourishment in every sip, this locally crafted tea blend combines holy basil with damiana, rose and peppermint for a soothing and calming ritual experience. Deepen the yin experience of your morning matcha with this herbal tea, or simply enjoy on its own with a bite of femininity chocolate for a sweet moment for the self. 


Help enhance the morning ritual of enjoying coffee in a way that's deeply balancing, nourishing and intentional through quality aesthetic and craft. Probiotic coffee, mushroom protein, good quality fats and a ceramic vessel to elevate each sip. 

Wylder Probiotic Coffee | A morning ritual that supports the digestive system on a deeper level, this finely crafted organic coffee is infused with extremophile probiotics to deliver potent health benefits in a single cup. For the coffee connoisseur that loves to experiment and play, we've chosen specific ingredients below to heighten the flavor and overall experience. 

Moon Juice Vanilla Mushroom Protein | An energy and immune-supportive protein blend infused with reishi and cordyceps mushrooms to help build lean muscle and deepen your daily dose of nourishment. A great catalyst to increase stamina just before working out, or to nourish the adrenals afterwards. 

Ancient Organics Ghee | A fat-nourishing staple for blending and cooking to enhance nutrient absorption and support longevity. Just a spoonful will fatten up morning coffee to sustain the body through morning to-do's, or to heat in a skillet for savory egg scrambles, oats and toast.

Humble Ceramics Ritual Mug | To complete the morning ritual, these intentionally crafted ceramic mugs provide a clean aesthetic while keeping your piping hot tonics warm for a good while, to encourage slow sips while easing into the day.