Cloth Bandana
Cloth Bandana
Cloth Bandana

Cloth Bandana

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A Boketto Exclusive from We Textile Studio.

Made from Hemp & Organic Cotton, this cloth is remarkably strong while maintaining a lightness & softness. The nature of Hemp means the more you use it, the softer it gets. Handwoven & naturally dyed with Sumac &/or Iron.

Take it with you everywhere. Wear it like a bandana, a scarf, or mask. 

50% Hemp, 50% Organic Cotton

  • Hand-dyed cloth includes unexpected, beautiful irregularities
  • Gets softer the more you use it
  • 27x27"
  • For use as an everyday cloth or dish towel

    About the artist, Ande Beachley:
    weaving is the portal through which i can embody the quality of land, the sensory nature of a human body, the emotional life that exists around us. we studio exists as an attempt to bring others into the magical portal that is weaving and cloth. on any given day, woven cloth is all around us, a backdrop that receives little attention. here are a number of cloths that felt particularly precious to me, juxtaposed with the land and the bodies that inspired them.