Introducing Marie Veronique + Jelena's Skin Protocol

Introducing Marie Veronique’s skin care products to the Boketto lineup is something that we’ve anticipated for quite some time now, and we’re happy to finally be able to share the potency of these products with you. Behind the scenes, we’ve been working very closely with the Marie Veronique family of specialists to learn and absorb as much information as possible about each individual product and how it best benefits specific skin types. Many of us have spent time experimenting with and incorporating these products into our skin regimen based on our individual skin needs and can say with confidence that these products truly excel and are very complementary to the host of skin care products and lines that we currently carry.

This line is wonderful for any and all, especially those looking to balance your skin’s microbiome, find a superior treatment plan to help clear acne, a topical solution that works effectively to delay aging, treat skin inflammation such as rosacea, or protect skin from environmental factors and long-term sun exposure.

Our brief guide below outlines the current Marie Veronique products that we stock along with their main benefits for targeted skin support + treatment — and Jelena is also sharing her skin protocol and the profound results that she’s seeing since implementing it consistently.


Replenishing Oil Cleanser, a non-stripping formula that smoothes skin, stimulates circulation, and removes sunscreen + makeup. Formulated with Omega-6 oils and Superoxide dismutase (SOD), an enzyme that destroys special free radicals responsible for damaging cell membranes.

  • Deep cleans and decongests pores while maintaining lipid barrier integrity

  • Hydrates and rejuvenates skin as it gently cleans away makeup and sunscreen

  • Increased concentration of SOD in connective tissue delays aging because it helps maintain dermal integrity

Pure + E.O. Free Oil Cleanser, a microbiome-friendly + essential oil-free cleanser that effectively removes debris, sunscreen and makeup without stripping the skin of its protective oils. It supports proper barrier function by protecting the lipid barrier with antioxidants that inhibit lipid peroxidation, while the pre/ probiotic complex maintains micro oral balance.

  • Deep cleans without drying—gentle enough for all skin types

  • Reduces congestion, controls oil and refines the complexion

  • Supports barrier function and microbiome integrity


Pre+Probiotic Daily Mist, an instant refresh that calms irritation with micronutrients which encourage microbial diversity and restore balance to the skin.

  • Balances the skin's microbiome

  • Hydrates with humectants to keep skin soft and supple

  • Calms and soothes with powerful anti-inflammatories

Balancing HypoTonic, a one-of-a-kind tonic composed of humectants that hydrates + balances skin pH while improving overall skin barrier function.

  • Unique blend of humectants truly hydrate by maintaining moisture levels within the cellular/lamellar structures

  • Imperative to prep top skin layers, allowing optimum permeation of nutrient-rich serums

  • AHAs rebalance pH, pre/probiotics rebalance skin microbiome


Protective Day Oil, for daily moisture + carotenoids that filter UVA and provide additional anti-aging protection when layered under SPF.

  • Spectra-tested carotenoids (beta carotene) + astaxanthin to provide protection in the UVA range, delaying formation of wrinkles

  • EPA prevents destruction of collagen

  • Delays signs of aging by reducing inflammation with balanced OMEGA-6s/OMEGA-3s

Treatment Oil, to clears + decongest pores while regulating sebum with Omega-6 EFAs.

  • Penetrates into clogged pores, breaking up congested matter at the source

  • Calms inflammation and strengthens barrier function to regulate water loss

  • As effective as benzoyl peroxide with none of the unpleasant side effects

Rejuvenating Night Oil, rich blend of OMEGA-3 + 6 EFAs that improves tone and elasticity + repairs photo-aging damage.

  • Reduces dry skin by replacing needed EFAs

  • Increases epidermal health, overall elasticity and barrier integrity by regulating cell turnover rate

  • Reduces moisture loss which contributes to dry, aging skin


Gentle Retinol Night Serum, containing a synergistic duo of retinol + vitamin C that delivers visible, transformative results for aging skin. Note: Retinol is the safe Vitamin A derivative, not to be confused with retinyl palmitate, which one study shows may enhance tumor growth in the presence of UV, or isotretinoin, which dermatologists prescribe for severe acne

  • Boosts collagen production and speeds cell turnover with retinol and Vitamin C to smooth fine lines and wrinkles

  • Clears pores and controls breakouts

  • Delivers the same results as a Retin-A products but without the irritation

Vitamins C+E+Ferulic Serum, a dual purpose serum that protects by day (by boosting antioxidants) and repairs at night (by building collagen). The combination of C, E and Ferulic Acid also delivers a sun protection boost to daily sunscreen use and is safe for all skin types. A good alternative to Retinol for pregnant women.

  • Increases environmental protection

  • Promotes skin health and a radiant complexion

  • Rich in antioxidants and gentle for sensitive skin

Barrier Restore Serum, a groundbreaking serum that re-establishes + maintains skin barrier function, an essential component for radiant complexion. It replaces natural moisturizing factor (NMF), a collection of water soluble compounds which keep skin cells hydrated, and prevents loss of NMF via a liposomal sealing system that traps water molecules instead of letting them absorb into the lower layers of the epidermis.

  • Balances moisture levels, eliminating dry, dehydrated skin

  • Corrects inflammation, including acne, dermatitis and even aging

  • Relieves dermatitis-related conditions (allergic and atopic), and fortifies sensitive and rosacea-prone skin

Soothing B3 Serum, a strategic gel formulation that safely and effectively controls inflammation with a notable decrease in redness and sensitivity with consistent usage, as well as a reduction in acne in those who experience cyclical or more inflammatory based breakouts. Microbiome-friendly + fragrance and essential oil free, it is safe for even the most allergy-prone, sensitive skin. If sensitive to Niacinamide you may experience mild flushing after initial uses which will quickly dissipate leaving the skin calm and stronger. 

  • Calms inflammation (dermatitis, sensitive or sensitized skin)

  • Reduces redness/blotchiness, good for rosacea type conditions

  • Helps with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation of healing acne

Intensive Repair Serum, containing HAs+B5+B3 which are powerful compounds for chronic breakouts and refining skin. Reduces congestion, controls oil, refines the complexion and safely and effectively combats either chronic acne or sporadic breakouts.

  • Regulate sebum production to reduce severity of breakouts

  • Reduce inflammation contributing to pimples, blackheads, redness and blotchiness

  • Clear up stubborn congestion and refine skin texture


Micronutrient + Hydro Mask, a complete skin reset + topical supplement of supernutrients to deeply hydrate, nourish + restore skin function by supporting vital processes. This mask is formulated with ingredients based on their ability to support various processes crucial to the maintenance of skin health and the delay of skin aging, specifically antioxidant protection, barrier function, glycation and DNA methylation.

  • Moisture + nutrient concentrate quickly revives dull/depleted skin

  • Protects skin from free radical damage with targeted antioxidants

  • 1x weekly mask to restore skin function. Intensive moisture repair when worn during air travel and/or overnight for dry/aging skin

Jelena’s Skin Protocol

For me, the ritual of skincare has always been part of my life. From morning to evening routines, weekly masks and of course the daily intake of necessary micronutrients, skincare and maintaining healthy skin is a must.

Currently, I’m drawn to the science, formulation and multi layering process that Marie Veronique has to offer. With emphasis on the microbiome and feeding skin the necessary nutrients, it’s no wonder why my skin always feels hydrated, and well supported. 


In the morning, I use the Vitamin C, E + Ferulic Serum instead of the Gentle Retinol, for the boost of antioxidants. I immediately follow it up with the Soothing B3 Serum for added hyaluronic acid and sun protection from the niacidimide (B3), an important step for me since I spend a lot of time in the outdoors. I seal the process with the Barrier Restore Serum, and follow up with the Protective Day Oil and sunscreen, again, very important since I am outside everyday. 


This is usually when I spend a little more time with skincare, especially the cleansing process. I start off with The Replenishing Oil Cleanser, on dry skin, applying circular motions and adding small amounts of water throughout the process so that the cleanser turns into a beautiful creamy consistency. I spend about 2-4 minutes massaging my face, jaw line, and neck, following the principles of lymphatic flow. To me, the cleansing process is the most important in every skincare routine and I love the Replenishing Oil Cleanser because my skin feels balanced and hydrated, not stripped or dry. 

Following the cleansing process, I always mist. Misting helps balance pH on the surface level of the skin. I love the Pre+Probiotic Daily Mist, it not only contains the beneficial bacteria to help maintain balanced flora, it provides the proper environment for beneficial bacteria to thrive on with the prebiotic aspect. 
For deeper hydration and balance of pH, the
Balancing HypoTonic Toner is the next step. I apply it with a cotton round and swipe across face, jaw, neck, back of neck and behind my ears. The Hypotonic Toner is a great way to balance water and lipids on the deeper layer of skin leaving skin hydrated, balanced and clean. 


Now for the layering part. The beautiful part about the Marie Veronique line is the emphasis on the nutrients that are delivered through the serums. Serums target skin conditions, so depending on what you are targeting, it’s the serums that deliver the results. In my case, my skincare routine is targeted towards anti-aging and hydration. In the evening, I apply the Gentle Retinol Serum for a boost in Vitamin A and C which results in deep cellular turnover, the key to anti aging and blemish prone skin. I immediately follow it up with the Barrier Restore Serum to help maintain and seal the skin’s natural lipid barrier, always the last serum in the layering process. The last step is always an oil or cream. I prefer oils, and I love the Rejuvenating Night Oil, extra healing formula. It contains evening primrose oil, a rich oil that is high in fatty acids, perfect for an overnight treatment. 


If I’m doing a mask, I typically apply after I tone and leave it on for about 15 minutes. For deeper treatments, I sometimes sleep with a mask, it all depends on how hydrated my skin is feeling. But overall, I apply a mask once per week. I absolutely love the Micronutrient Hydration Mask, it’s a complete superfood for your skin. 

If I need a little decongestion, I will apply an AHA mask, focusing around the nose area where I’m more prone to clogged pores. I apply it after I tone, before applying serums and oils, and typically only once per week. I love the Living Libations Papaya Enzyme AHA Mask. It’s super gentle and unclogs pores without over stripping and causing irritation. 


As for internal support for skincare, a daily dose of trace minerals is extremely important for not only hydration but for hormone balance and function. I love the Quinton Hypertonic, it’s a one shot done deal that offers a complete balance of trace minerals. 

Vitamin C is also extremely beneficial for skin, as it helps boost antioxidants which is important when it comes to combating oxidative stress. It also helps restore skin tissue and boost collagen production, leaving skin feeling supple and elastic. For this, I love the Lypospheric Vitamin C packets. Easy to take and super portable. 

Internal pre + probiotics are also important because your skin is a true reflection of your gut. So maintaining the right flora with keep inflammation at bay, the main culprit for many irritated skin conditions. I like the TerraFlora Pre + Probiotic soil based formula. It’s gentle and effective. 

Marie-Veronique was founded in 2002 by chemist Marie Veronique Nadeau. As someone who suffered from teenage acne, she was moved to create her own products when she could find nothing on the market that was clean and effective to address her rosacea. From there, she went on to develop a line for acne and was one of the first to formulate a non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen. Marie continues to lead the way towards safe yet effective skincare, determined to move an industry ensconced in hype into the realm of science. She collaborates with her daughter, Jay Nadeau, physicist and bio-medical engineer, to carefully choose each ingredient in her products to solve real skin issues and address the causes of aging at the source.