HOW TO: Dry Brush

Your lymphatic system is responsible for removing the waste from your cells and blood but unlike your cardiovascular system, it has no pump to keep things moving along. Queue the dry brush— an incredibly powerful tool to boost your immune system, tighten and tone your skin, and promote lymphatic drainage. 


But briefly...

  1. Start at the feet and brush in long, smooth strokes up the legs towards the heart.
  2. At your joints and brush in circular motions, especially in places where your lymph nodes are located, for example behind the knees, inner thighs, and in your underarms.
  3. Continue up your body, brushing up your thighs, moving to clockwise motions on your abdomen and chest, and then up your arms again towards your heart.
  4. If you can, brush up your back and down your shoulders accordingly.
  5. You want to continue brushing each appendage until your skin is the tiniest bit rosy, the whole process should take about five minutes.

This is super stimulating, so perfect to do before your morning shower.