Gift Guide: Nest

Home is where the nest is. A sacred space is a gift in itself, but for the person who loves a long bath, nesting, and staying home these are our favorites for staying cozy and keeping it chic.

The Wax Apple Face & Body Tools

Not just functional, these pieces are tiny works of art. The Wax Apple Massage Tools are hand-picked by founder Juliana. These massage tools are multi-use and focused for targeted relief and support. These massage tools are made from natural resources grown directly in the area that they're the perfect gift to relieve holiday stress.

Hazeltine Candles

Candles are a classic gift for a reason. And Hazeltine is the candle company dreams are made of. Hazeltine's scents are drawn from fond memories and historical anecdotes, due to their perpetual inspiration by unexpected intersections of human behavior and the natural environment. They also think it's cool when your house smells good (we think they're totally correct!).

Sasawashi Slippers

These room shoes are an essential element in every Japanese home. This breathable version is made from pill-free Sasawashi fabric that naturally absorbs moisture and odors. This gift has "nesting" written all over it. Antibacterial kumazasa extract and breathable washi fabric keep these slippers feeling fresh and comfortable with or without socks year-round.


Traditional Turkish Towels 

Your loved one’s bathing experience will never be the same again. These super-soft, weighty peshtemals are hand-loomed on traditional wooden looms. Each tassel is hand-tied. Colors are dyed using low-impact OEKO-certified dyes. Perfect as a bath, pool, beach towel, tablecloth, wide table runner, or throw for your bed or sofa.

Hinoki Yuzu Bath Soak

A bath is the definition of nesting. Our Boketto LAB Bath Soak is an organic herbal salt bath full of skin-nourishing plants and respiratory clearing essential oils to encourage deep breathing and a clear mind. Perfect to ease holiday stress.

Getting to Center

The perfect gift with the intention of grounding. From the beloved creator, workshop facilitator, and author of How to Not Always Be Working comes an approachable and practical guide to leaning into the unknown even when it feels as though everything around—and inside—us is in flux. This is a great gift for anyone who feels overwhelmed and anxious about these unpredictable times. This gorgeous, thoughtful book is a hand to hold to feel less alone, and a guide to cultivating resources we can replenish and depend on in ourselves. Plus, it looks great on a coffee table or bookshelf.