Gift Guide: Commune

Commune means a few things to us. A commune is a collective living space, to commune means to come together, and a community is how we see our shop. These gifts feature the best of coming together here in Richmond, VA. Explore these local makers and support their craft this holiday season.

Jennifer Elsner

Jennifer Elsner is an artist who works across many mediums, currently, along with her design practice, she spends time with clay. The process of making and being in conversation with the clay informs the forms she makes. Following each action with the next movement with only a loose idea on where we're going results in functional and speculative pieces, designed to show the hand of the maker and the clay-body’s nature.

Suzy Brockmann

La Lyra is a local line created by Suzy Brockmann that celebrates the union of our personal life with the natural world. These products are equally harmonious as they are practical. Established in 2014 as Pan Natural Goods, this collection has become a reflection of passion and love that continues to evolve.

Elizabeth Few 

A little something for luscious locks! We love Elizabeth Few’s botanically dyed scrunches. These super pretty, jewel-like accessories are made of ultra-soft silk charmeuse, hand-dyed with flowers and leaves. The Elizabeth Few Studio team dyes everything in Elizabeth's kitchen and is hand-cut and sewn locally. 

Kelsey Copeland

Copeland Studio was established in 2020 by Kelsey Copeland. Kelsey created this space after years of disciplined studio practice and working for various architectural and residential designers in New York and Richmond, Virginia. Copeland Studio is an interior and architectural design service that also specializes in furniture design, custom textiles, and research-based curation.  We carry their one of a kind pillows that are sure to delight.

Jess Breed

These local delights are a cornerstone of a meditation practice. Willow Knows Silk Pillows are therapeutic soft sculptures, made with hand-dyed silks, individually dyed—making each one-of-a-kind. Inside is a blend of organic herbs of lavender (relaxing), chamomile (soothing), and rose (cooling), rice, and buckwheat. 

Each pillow comes packaged with art by Willow Knows founder, Jess Breed. The collection includes hand-painted ink and watercolor drawings on watercolor paper—all unique and each different just like the pillows they present.

Shannon Brady 

Shannon Studio is a project that was created in Oakland, California by artist Shannon Brady. Now operating in Richmond, Virginia, Shannon Studio is focused on designing small-batch textiles, basics, and home goods using local and natural plant-based dyes and raw materials. From foraged dried flowers used in the dye baths to the soft silk, cotton, and linen, everything used in the dyeing process comes directly from mother earth. Each colorful textile is inspired by experiences and interactions with the natural world. These cozy socks make an excellent stocking stuffer or paired with a good book and tea!