Gift Guide: Pause

Boketto is a Japanese word that loosely translates to, “the art of doing nothing, day dreaming, an imagined horizon.” Taking a Boketto Moment is all about the pause

That’s how we created Boketto LAB. A laboratory is loosely defined as a facility that provides a place for research, experimentation, and discovery. We designed Boketto LAB, not as a place, but as a conceptual line of products to create unique and intentional tools we want that don’t exist. Like Boketto, Boketto LAB places itself left of center, meaning our products don’t fit a single wellness category. From nourishing soaps that pair with custom ceramic vessels, to educational content that allows us to understand and evolve our sense of self, to time-honored tinctures with a contemporary edge… there are no rules and no constraints. 

We‘ve explored ingredients we know to perform, kept our eye on sustainability (always aiming for the next level of regeneration), and we‘ve exercised the intersection between our creativity and strategic vision to focus on quality, over quantity. We like to think of Boketto LAB as The Art of Slow Business. With Boketto anchored in the idea of “taking a moment,” we let our curiosity lead product creation with a beautiful pause. 

Gifting from the Boketto LAB line is sure to be a blissful bright moment in the holiday season. 

Hinoki Yuzu Lip Care

Tuck into a stocking, or add to a bundle of delightful gifts. We call our Lip Care ChapStick all grown up. This organic lip care is a hydrating lip balm packed with antioxidants and natural emollients to nourish mature, dry, and/or chapped lips. Unlike conventional lip balms, Lip Care will not sit on the surface and feel waxy. Lip Care is the perfect balance of powerful oils, herbs, and a small amount of beeswax that actually works to repair tissue and keep lips looking and feeling smooth. 

Hinoki Yuzu Candle 

Candles and the holiday season are a divine combination. Our Hinoki Yuzu Soap is a constant favorite, and now our signature scent blend is combined with oils, poured into a handmade ceramic cup, and ready to fill any space with Japanese cypress & citrus aromatics. The vessel is food-safe, for all uses, after the last flicker of candlelight...the gift that keeps on giving

Organic Brow Serum

Bold brows is on everyone’s list. The secret to healthy eyebrows is a combination of nutrient-packed plant oils that strengthen existing hair and stimulate new growth. Our Boketto LAB Organic Eyebrow Serum is 100% organic, prostaglandin-free, and encourages natural eyebrow growth and health.

The Oil

Perfect bottle for a bow! From Boketto LAB this oil is exceptional with an ultra-rich, herbal blend of ingredients. We love this oil because it’s anti-inflammatory, increases blood flow, smoothes wrinkles, enhances elasticity and firmness. You can expect high levels of vitamins A, C, and E and super-high levels of omega 6 fatty acids especially linoleic acid which helps to oxygenate cells and boost overall cellular health. The lucky human on your gift list can use any time of day anywhere from hair to toes.

The Essentials (Kit)

Gift the essentials. The Essentials Kit from Boketto LAB features our proprietary Soap, Oil, Eyebrow Serum, and Gua Sha Tool in a beautiful canvas travel pouch. All the work is done for you! Just grab and go. 

Gua Sha

Pair with The Oil for the perfect gift. Boketto LAB's Gua Sha tool is made from obsidian. This beautiful, cooling stone helps relieve tension, stimulates the lymphatic system, and helps tighten skin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. As Gua Sha is said to help increase circulation, the action of gently scraping the tool across the face, body, or scape with proper technique helps oils, serums, and moisturizers penetrate the skin for deeper hydration and absorption.