Boketto Ritual | Hair Care & Maintenance

Traditionally given less attention than other self care rituals, hair care seems to be one of the last thought about routine maintenance say something like diet and skin care. Many of us grew up (and still do) in a society that pushes chemical-laden hair products, hairsprays, texturizing creams, hair straighteners and curling irons for a slick as all or full of volume desired look. For most of us at Boketto, those days are long gone, as the object of our time and attention is given to the approach that less is more. Less time in the shower, less hair products, less hair washes and/or cuts - less "fluff," if you will. Sure, we'll sometimes have those evenings where we follow a full hair protocol that appear a bit indulgent, but we've taken time to understand that the products of the past weren't actually helping our hair at all and were causing implications well beyond the skin and scalp barrier - our microbiome. 

The ritual of maintaining healthy hair is actually quite simple, and is an investment in quality over quantity. I know several that get by just fine with apple cider vinegar, but of course that's not for everyone. Just as we all have very unique personalities, so does our hair. It's a form of self-expression, which is why, in my personal opinion, it feels so good to chop off ten inches every now and again in order to present something new and different to the world. 

Since growing our line of bath and body apothecary, we've become diligent about the hair care products that we welcome to our shelves that maintain integrity, contain only natural ingredients, and are actually effective. Natural hair products have the tendency to get a reputation that they don't seem to work or make the hair feel "clean," and leave a film or residue. Our hair apothecary is quite small, but quite effective and since having the chance to experiment with these products for a good while on our own, we've re-approached our hair rituals - giving them a bit more attention and tender loving care. 

As a part of our ongoing series of Boketto Rituals this month, we're sharing a peep into our personal hair care rituals, as we all have very different hair personalities and priorities when it comes to maintaining those strands from day to month to season to year. We encourage you to read along and then contribute your own rituals in the comments on Instagram as a way to celebrate and participate in our #BokettoMoment series. And yes, there is a sweet little incentive for doing so. 

Alex Frey | Retail + Sales

Alex has long, super curly, dry hair. As of late, she is mostly using apple cider vinegar as an in-shower hair rinse in place of a shampoo, because she has found shampoo to dry her hair out. "ACV leaves my hair feeling softer and looking healthier. It is nothing fancy. I leave a bottle of ACV in the shower, flip my hair and pour it on." As a conditioner, she uses True Botanicals Nourishing Conditioner and weekly deep conditions with virgin coconut oil that she leaves in for 12-14 hours, before she shampoos it out. This leaves her hair looking healthier and not getting as tangled.

"Besides the products I use on my hair, I find that what I put into my body always makes the most difference (this goes for hair and skin). I drink a ton of water spiked with rose water, take Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, and drink herbal infusions daily (nettle leaf, raspberry leaf, and goji berry). And of course, I rely on healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, etc and avoid sugar." 

Allison Walton | External Communications + Content Lead

Allison currently has short, thick, naturally wavy hair with a lot of volume. "I rarely get haircuts, usually once or twice a year. I trend towards keeping it very long for a year or two and then chopping it short in the spring, near a new moon. I'm very fortunate to have hair that grows fast so that I can do this every few years or so." She used to color treat her hair, but has let the natural shade grow back and has embraced her natural wave and volume after years of keeping it slick straight from blowdrying and straightening almost religiously. 

"Washing my hair varies, but usually every two days. Because of the nature of my work, my hair is mostly always up, so the less maintenance, the better." She's recently come to love using Sisters Body Balancing Shampoo (and appreciates that it's microbiome friendly and supports women's health efforts). She's let go of the desire or need to use conditioner, but does do a hair mask once every few months using the La Tierra Sagrada Hair Treatment - leaving it in sometimes up to 48 hours and then doing a double shampoo to rinse out. "I've also been enjoying the La Tierra Sagrada Salt Spray this summer to touch up roots and add a little volume in between washes, and for the clean scent that it carries with it." 

She's also recently shifted away from sudsy washes and soaps and instead uses body oils to shave her legs and armpits - which she says has helped to decrease dryness, itch and minor skin irritations. "I do love the Everyday Oil for this, because it has multi-purpose use over the entire body, but recently have enjoyed using it the most to help achieve smoother, less irritated legs."

Internally, she takes Anima Mundi Plant Collagen every now and again, and emphasizes healthy fats and oils in her diet. "To me, there's no such thing as too many quality oils in the diet. On everything."


Irma Whedbee | Retail Management + Online Commerce

Irma currently has short, fine hair - but a lot of it. She washes it every other day using Sisters Body Shampoo - focusing solely on the scalp, and then applies Living Libations Conditioner to the end of the hair. "Once a week, I'll use the La Tierra Sagrada Hair Treatment, massaging it through the scalp and then any excess through the ends of the hair. I love adding rosemary essential oil to the treatment to keep my hair from becoming too greasy and then let it remain for 12-24 hours." For those in between moments, she prefers refreshing her locks with La Tierra's Dry Shampoo as well as the Salt Spray.

A nice addition to her hair ritual as of late is sleeping on a silk pillowcase to keep hair soft, and also suggests traveling with a silk scarf to wrap the hair up at night. And speaking of travel..."If it's a really dry climate that I'm traveling to, I'll run a little oil through my strands to help lock in and retain moisture. I always bring a hat to prevent burns to the scalp and protect from sun damage."

Internally, she swears by Vital Proteins Collagen and Rosita Cod Liver Oil.

Jelena Nikolajevic | Owner + Founder

Jelena tends towards naturally wavy hair and loves to keep her locks short for minimal maintenance, especially since she keeps a very active lifestyle climbing and traveling in the outdoors. (Don't be surprised if one day it's all completely chopped off). To maintain a short length, she does get her hair cut once every six weeks or so. And as far as her hair rituals, she prefers to keep it "as simple as possible". She has also come to really enjoy Sisters Body Shampoo (clearly a Boketto favorite!), washing her hair once every two weeks, and skipping on the conditioner. "Post-shower, I do like following up with La Tierra Salt Spray for texture and volume. I'll use the Dry Shampoo in between washes to absorb excess oil and use the Hair Treatment twice a year, mostly during seasonal transitions."

She typically sticks with coconut oil for shaving her legs, but recently started testing out the Pai Gentle Genius Camellia & Bergamot Body Wash and Bathing Culture Body Wash and is very pleased with the results and how it makes her skin feel.

As far as supplemental necessities, she regularly incorporates Vital Proteins Collagen and loves the Shaman Shack Women's Complete formula - as it contains he shou wu and rehmannia, both of which are adaptogens known to support the health of hair. 

Hair Apothecary products currently available at Boketto:

La Tierra Sagrada Salt Spray
La Tierra Sagrada Jojoba Hair Oil
La Tierra Sagrada Hair Treatment
La Tierra Sagrada Dry Shampoo
Sisters Body Balancing Shampoo
SIsters Body Nourishing Conditioner

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