Boketto Moment with Suzy Brockmann of La Lyra

In honor of International Women's Day, we're so excited and honored to share a Boketto Moment with Suzy Brockmann of La Lyra, a carefully formulated line of all natural soaps & skincare that we have all so quickly fallen in love with. And not only is she the vision and creator of La Lyra, but a Feng Shui Consultant & Professional Organizer with Illume Enlightened Interiors (stay tuned for more on that). 

Not only do we love featuring incredible local women that are making waves within this community and beyond, but we love what we're able to learn about them in the process, that may otherwise go unspoken. The things that don't normally come up in casual conversation when we're exchanging thoughts, ideas and sentiments both inside and outside of Boketto. Suzy is no exception, and we admire her all the more for her thoughtful philosophy, vast knowledge, genuine kindness and the softness and warmth of her presence. We have a feeling that you'll pick up on that as well.

What is your inspiration and philosophy behind La Lyra?

Simply put, I draw inspiration from nature. It's effortless beauty and deep wisdom pulses throughout us all whether we know it or not. As we align our lives with nature by consuming natural foods, using natural body products, and soaking in the knowledge she teaches us, I believe that we begin to find our true health and happiness. La Lyra is my way of expressing this inspiration in a tangible form. Soaps made with rich plant oils, perfumes with essential oils, and healing skincare products offer so much more than just good smells – I see it as nourishment and a component to overall wellness.

How has your vision for the brand evolved?

It all began as a hobby. My husband and I moved 30 minutes outside the city to an old mule barn and that first winter in the dark, quiet country revealed a curiosity to make soap. I borrowed some how-to books from the local library and soon found soap making to be equally challenging as it was exciting. Each batch of soap I successfully made came with a boost of confidence along with a new found passion to share this hobby with others. Today, the brand has 5 main soap varieties, special blends available seasonally, and a line of other body products. My vision is to continue steering this brand in a direction that encompasses all we use on a regular basis such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, sunscreen, etc...stay tuned!

How has pregnancy shifted your approach to self-care and wellbeing?

At just about 40 weeks pregnant, I can say with conviction that pregnancy has shifted my life in so many ways! In terms of self-care and wellbeing it has taught me how to eat properly and truly balance work with rest. As a non-pregnant woman I was like the energizer bunny that would pack my schedule and fuel myself with coffee and not enough nutrient-dense food. Now that my body has become a vessel for not only me, but a new little human, I have put self-care at the top of my priorities to ensure both of us are taken care of.

We love your approach to Feng Shui. Would you mind sharing a little bit about this, along with three simple ways that the community can start to implement this practice in their own space? 

My approach to Feng Shui is very similar to my philosophy behind La Lyra in that nature is revered as the ultimate guide. We are ancient animals that now live in a high-paced and technology-ridden society. This is causing us to become removed from the natural world which stresses our systems that are wired to function totally differently. Feng Shui teaches us to return to nature and my approach offers its integration in modern society in a relevant and user-friendly way. We are interconnected with our environments, so when things change within our physical space, we inadvertently change within ourselves. Becoming awakened to the existence and movement of this energy will allow us to gain a much higher sense of wellbeing.

Three simple ways that we can easily implement this practice in our own space is:

1. Unplug. Especially in the bedroom. Limit the amount of electrical devices in this space, which should really be dedicated to sleep and sexual healing. Electromagnetic radiation is invisible, but is known to greatly harm our ability to fully rest and restore. Leave your phone outside the bedroom and use an alarm clock instead. You can also try using a candle on your night stand as a light source instead of a bedside light. And by all means, remove that TV! Or at the very least, drape an attractive piece of fabric over it when not in use. We are bombarded with screens all day so why stare at one when our bodies are trying to decompress from the day?

2. Declutter. Things that accumulate in our homes and places of work that do not get used become clutter, which translates as stagnant / stuck energy. This directly affects us by slowing our own energy flow, inhibiting us from experiencing our full potential. Free yourselves from these energy suckers by removing things that we know have expired in our lives. Letting go will open up physical space around you, which will open up space in your life in terms of new opportunities and the allowance for mental digestion. Practice with a simple category, like your spice cabinet. Gather all of your spices and stage them on your kitchen table. Choose your most used for cooking and baking, toss the old and expired ones, and then choose the ones you know will be useful for certain recipes. That's it. The rest can be offered to a friend or just tossed (remember, most spice containers are recyclable!) You now have more breathing room in your cabinet and possibly a shopping list of spices you now realized you wish you had. Feeling good from that? Do your utensil drawer next. Then try your underwear drawer...this one is super satisfying!

3. Trust your gut. Remember, we are natural beings who all feel energy so don't underestimate the power of your own intuition. Next time you choose a different furniture layout or want to redecorate, go with how it feels over what those design magazines tell us. We innately know more than we think!

Your top three Boketto staples?

Wildcare sage hydrosol...SO good I want to drink it!

Apothecary Richmond facial cleansing face craves this exotic scented concoction every night.

LAKA cookie butter...when health food trespasses into insanely-delicious-oh-my-gosh-I-probably-shouldn't-be-eating-this territory.

How do you visualize or describe your personal Boketto Moment?

I find myself in Boketto Moments while listening to the birds from my kitchen window, feeling the movement of water against my skin, and petting or holding my beloved dog and/or husband in the early mornings. Nothing to accomplish and nothing to say; just enjoying existence in that moment...until I realize I some of that cookie butter left and my Boketto Moment ceases until next time!

Suzy is currently on maternity leave and will begin booking clients with Illume Enlightened Interiors around the beginning of June. Please email for more info.