Boketto Moment with Kate Jennings of Na Nin

Photograph courtesy of @naninstudio

We're humbled and honored to be sharing the very first installment in our Boketto Moment series, which shines a spotlight on individuals within the local community, and this community at large, that inspire us in countless ways and make us feel wonderful simply by being in their presence.

As such, there's certainly no shortage of inspiration when it comes to Kate Jennings of Na Nin, and her sweet brick and mortar space that's situated on a collective block of S. Addison Street in the heart of The Fan. Walking through the front door and into her thoughtful curation of selected designs, clothing, jewelry and hand blended fragrances transports us to LA in one moment, and Tulum the next, before reminding us of the beauty and talent that surrounds us right here in Richmond.

Kate, and her incredible team of women, always greet us and our collaborative ideas with open arms and hearts. From candles and bath soaks to soon-to-debut skincare and diffuser oil blends, Na Nin has not only quickly found space on our store shelves, but a sweet spot in the Boketto family as well. We're happy to be sharing Kate's words and personal thoughts on Na Nin's philosophy, fostering self-love (our theme for this month, and a continued practice in our individual lives), her non-negotiable wellbeing ritual, top Boketto picks and more. 

What is your inspiration and philosophy behind Na Nin?

I began Na Nin in 2009 after returning from teaching in South Korea. I befriended a girl there that would teach me Korean by way of phonetics, one of the first sentences she wrote in my note book translated to " I am happy because I am with you". It was such a kind moment that I truly cherished and I wanted to carry that experience with me through my life and my business. "Na Nin" translates to "I am" - the first part of that sentence. My greatest inspiration is kindness and I want my business to be apart of this well intentioned movement, by supporting other small businesses, independent designers and makers.

In what ways do you nurture and foster self-love? 

Self-love is honestly something that I struggle with. I find myself constantly thinking about work & just trying to keep up with life. Often I find myself crippled with insecurities. Working through those insecurities and trying to make myself take a break from work, I've been setting time in the day/week to write down what I am thankful for and what I am proud of. Being able to focus on obstacles I've overcome, accomplishments I've made helps me be kinder to myself.  

I also love to dance, so making time to listen to music, dance with friends or even just by myself in my house makes me really happy.

Do you have any non-negotiable wellbeing rituals?

A non-negotiable well being ritual for me is baths. I love to take baths with epsom salts, essential oils and having candles lit with music or a movie on in the background. I love face masks, I love it all.  

What is the most creatively rewarding endeavor you’ve pursued with Na Nin?

That's a hard question!  We have a lot of different parts of the business that let me use a lot of my creative energy. I will say that when I first started making fragrances it was so rewarding—and humbling!  Lots of mess-ups ;) and then such a great feeling when I would land a final product. It was a very personal therapeutic process during a challenging time, and I truly cannot describe what gratitude I have for where that avenue has led me and my business. The opportunities to work with so many wonderful people has been incredible.

Your top three Boketto picks?

Vitruvi - Diffuser. This is one of the best purchases I've ever made.  

Henne Organics - Lip scrub. It works great and feels lovely.

Wildcare - Masks & hydrosols, These are all incredible.

How do you visualize or describe your personal Boketto Moment?

Watching the sunrise or sunset on the beach would probably be my Boketto Moment. When I'm able to have time to appreciate all that life has to offer, think about dear people in my life, and to just smell the salty air is one of the best feelings and it is when I feel a calmness that can often be hard to reach during everyday life.