Boketto LIVING

Meet the art-history student turned acupuncturist turned small business owner, Jelena Nikolajevic (sometimes “Jel”). She’s dog-mom to two Vizla puppies, an endless source of support and inspiration to everyone whom she collaborates with, and a proponent of what we like to call “a vibrant life.” Today, to honor her birthday, we’re celebrating with a new series called “Boketto Living.” 


Boketto began with a brilliant idea: to act as a community resource for health and wellness. Since then, we’ve blossomed into a sort of cheering section for everyone who walks through our doors. The “vibrant life” we support is one that encompasses all aspects of wellness from an approachable and dynamic standpoint— that is to say, leading a lifestyle that is active all-around. We are deeply committed to self-discovery in the sense that wellness truly means something different to everyone, and wellness rituals must be personal and dynamic. For Jelena, wellness is about minimal yet thoughtful skincare, cooking from scratch whenever possible, an afternoon adaptogenic latte, and being active everyday— whether it’s walking the dogs, rock climbing, or something as simple as a morning stretch.

We actively seek to represent brands that encompass these luminous ideologies, carefully curating the tried and true Boketto staples such as Marie Veronique, Anima Mundi, Pai Skincare, Activist Honey, LAKA Living, and other Boketto must-haves. Amongst our shelves live other small business— ones that thrive on the same wavelength as we do and are dedicated to small-scale & environmentally conscious production methods, fair pay, and ethical sourcing. 

While Boketto Moment is a quick glimpse into the philosophies of those who seek and succeed in inspiring, Boketto Living will expand on those small moments to explain the lifestyles behind them. We’re excited for everything that’s in store— stay tuned for more “Boketto Living.”