Boketto Holiday Gift Guide | PANTRY

In the spirit of the giving season, we’re honored to share our thoughtful curation of gifts that are rooted in ancient rituals and practices, but that marry modern aesthetic with pure intention to adorn those you admire and love this holiday season. Inspired by raw elements of nature that elevate and enhance the experience of caring for one’s self, we have selectively chosen products that create a unique and unparalleled ritual experience — for home, for body, for pantry, and beyond.

Boketto Holiday Gift Guide | PANTRY offers a wide range of everyday pantry staples for building an elevated tonic pantry — from our signature Japanese grade matcha and Chinese-herb infused sprouted butters to umami powders and spirit elixirs for creating euphoric cocktails. Smother those you love with the goodness of plants for every day or special occasion indulgence, promoting blissful bellies and bodies for months and years to come.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to get a bit creative in the kitchen this season, any of our pantry staples are a wonderful starting point for making delicious snacks, treats and holiday platters for your special celebrations, events and small gatherings!


Nothing but absolute goodness, these pantry staples are for those that are looking to curate and elevate their daily rituals with a bit of extra…starting with their morning tonic and breakfast plate. From our signature matcha tea powder to sprouted butters and spreads infused with a host of adaptogens, herbs and essential nutrients, anything created with these staples is guaranteed to keep their bellies and bodies humming for days and months to come.

Boketto Matcha, a chlorophyll-rich Japanese grade green tea powder that provides grounding energy and antioxidant support. For a non-acidic caffeine alternative to coffee that can be blended and enjoyed in many creative ways, including topical face masks! We love the idea of pairing with a Humble Ceramics mug and any of our pantry butters for a truly elevated daily ritual experience.

CAP Coconut Butter, luscious and fatty whole body nourishment that makes anything you blend it with perfectly creamy and frothy — instant nut milks, morning lattes, smoothies, and tonics. Also a wonderful gift to encourage creativity in the kitchen for those that love to bake, as these butters are a nice foundation for vegan cheesecakes and the like. Pair with CAP Beauty’s High Vibrational Living for recipe ideas and whole body wellbeing guidance. CAP Coconut Butters are available in signature 16 oz coconut butter goodness, or individual 8 oz Matcha, Blue Majik, and Berry.

Flora Ex Machina Royal Ghee, a luscious whipped superfood spread that’s comparable to the best green “icing” you may ever have. This versatile, functional food nourishes deeply thanks to its host of potent herbs, superfoods and adaptogens to support immunity, alkalinity, and overall energy. It can be used in a multitude of ways, savory and sweet — however most prefer it straight from the jar!

Sun For Soul Matcha Detox + Sun Power Sprouted Butters, as daily edible supplements to be enjoyed by the spoonful, or spread and blended into anything you fancy. Each butter contains a specialized blend of Chinese herbs to support whole body wellbeing — MATCHA DETOX for liver detoxification and purification and SUN POWER for energy and immunity.


For those that spend adequate amounts of time in the kitchen, to those simply looking to break in and make simple, wholesome cooking taste damn good. We’ve rounded up some of our best selling pantry items that elevate any dish they come in contact with — whether it’s a morning bowl of steel cut oats or slice of avocado toast, or freshly made pasta and side of sourdough that’s begging to be drenched in a really good extra virgin olive oil and flavorful flecks of sea salt.

Brightland Olive Oil, a divinely unadulterated extra virgin olive oil that provides a superior polyphenol count — bottled and made with love in California. The ideal final touch for pulling together charcuterie boards, or simply served alongside fresh sourdough, seasonal salads and roasted vegetables.

Dark Horse Organics Umami Powder, a harmonizing umami-rich, plant-based blend of medicinal mushrooms, tonic herbs and dried seaweeds that works well in broths, soups, sauces, dressings or to generously garnish on vegetables, grains and salads. Find its duo in our Dark Horse Pantry, including fermented dijon, pickled mustard seeds, and probiotic vinaigrette — guaranteed to make any aspiring culinary enthusiast or host completely nail any dish.

Hummingbird Gardens Salts, locally crafted culinary herb salts available in Garlic Chive, Sage & Porcini, and Rose Chili. For those who cook well and often, this is a wonderful finishing salt for meats, fish and seasonal vegetables that can easily be gifted and paired with any other pantry staples…and a cute ceramic salt dish!

Just Date Syrup, made from yes — one single perfect ingredient: organic medjool dates. A rich, delicious, healthier sweet for those looking to scale back on their sugars without feeling deprived. Local Pasty Chef Olivia Wilson of Chairlift + Brenner Pass loves incorporating this into her special hot sauce recipe, so creativity knows no bounds with this one.


Creating the sensation of pure bliss with each drop or hefty spoonful, these dialed up indulgences are meant to arouse and promote absolute JOY. Cocktails, mocktails, hot cocoa and red wine, indulge yourself and your loved ones with the gift of total euphoria and the limitless experiences that can be enjoyed together, one sip at a time.

Anima Mundi Herbals Euphoria Spirit Elixir, containing strong aphrodisiac constituents that arouse the spirit while deeply nourishing the reproductive organs. A delicious tonic to share with your partner for special moments, or to simply awaken the heart with joy when used daily. Bliss out your cocktails and mocktails with just a teaspoon or two of this potent euphoric blend — perfect for slipping into stockings or to serve at special holiday events.

Bee Keepers Naturals B-CHILL Raw Honey + Hemp, a high potency and delicious way of getting your daily supply of CBD. For those that especially love honey (good quality honey at that), this is a jar of liquid gold they’ll love. Available in 500mg and 900mg — perfect to pair with any other CBD products, including Soul Addict’s Holy Cacao Hemp Butter.

La Abeja Herbs Damiana Elixir, another potent aphrodisiac concoction that promotes a joyful, arousing sensation when dropped under the tongue. Pair with a good bottle of red wine or any of our sexy time lubes for a pure pleasure experience.

Moon Juice Cosmic Cocoa, an arousing, nourishing, and decadent hot chocolate with heirloom cacao, creamy tocos, and stress-reducing adaptogens like ashwagandha, shatavari, and reishi. Works wonders when paired with a whole body nourishing fat (like coconut butter), or spiked in morning coffee — if they are a dedicated caffeine addict, then Cosmic Cocoa + Wylder Probiotic Coffee is bound to be a game changer for their daily routine.

Photography by Alexis Courtney / Styling by Bella Weinstein