Boketto Holiday Gift Guide | HOME

In the spirit of the giving season, we’re honored to share our thoughtful curation of gifts that are rooted in ancient rituals and practices, but that marry modern aesthetic with pure intention to adorn those you admire and love this holiday season. Inspired by raw elements of nature that elevate and enhance the experience of caring for one’s self, we have selectively chosen products that create a unique and unparalleled ritual experience — for home, for body, for pantry, and beyond.

At the very heart of it all, our Boketto Holiday Gift Guides are meant to honor the makers that put their talent, passion and genuine care into each product that they create by hand — and we long for that story to continue to unfold as it reaches the hands and hearts of those lucky enough to be on the receiving end this year, and for years to come.

Boketto Holiday Gift Guide | HOME has a personality of its own, providing home ritual gift experiences inspired by SCENT, MEDITATION, ROUTINE + REST. Indulge those closest to you with the subtlety of soft, smokeless incense, the luxury of silk as it wraps the body upon falling asleep each night, or the spa-like experience of grounding oils diffusing during a soothing, warm bath with the flickering of a slow-burning candle in the background — prompting a meditative journey in the very comfort of one’s own home.


Elevate the ancient practice of diffusing essential oils throughout the home with a modern aesthetic and ritual experience, to either calm or uplift. Personalize this experience for those you love and admire this holiday by pairing signature herbal blends or single origin essential oils that their personality is most drawn towards with the simple elegance of a ritual oil diffuser.

Vitruvi Diffuser, a stunningly simple piece of decor. Whether it be a holiday housewarming gift, modern day coffee table centerpiece or as a part of any bedtime ritual to prompt relaxation and restful sleep, elevate simple moments with the pure pleasure of scent. Pair with Vitruvi single origin or signature essential oil blends to prompt a unique experience at home.

Bodha Calm Ritual Oil, a delicate yet refined scent designed to calm the nervous system and create a sense of inner peace. Made from the distilled essence of wild geranium, lavender flowers & Californian sage, these soothing herbal notes offer a natural healthy way to scent your space. To be used with Bodha’s Ritual Oil Diffuser, a modern interpretation of this ancient aromatherapy experience that creates a sculptural silhouette that’s the perfect addition to any room in the home.

Boketto Diffuser Oil Trio, an exclusive trio of Boketto essential oil based blends handcrafted by our friends at Na Nin. BALANCE is a signature blend of palo santo, cedarwood & frankincense; VITALITY combines bergamot, grapefruit, rosemary & ginger; RESILIENCE blends lavender with geranium and black pepper — for three unique experiences to align or uplift your current mood.


Some of Richmond’s most talented makers have created a wide range of beautiful home mists and cleaners that are ideal for those looking to lessen their exposure to chemical-laden cleaning supplies, offering a pure and simple product that creates a full sensory experience as part of any daily ritual. Inspired by Feng Shui, these multi-purpose mists and cleaners purify the air in which you breathe, while grounding the energy of the space to promote an inner sense of balance and calm.

Maven Made Tonka Bean and Lavender Room + Linen Spray, a local favorite that emits a grounding and sweet aroma of tonka bean balanced in perfect harmony with herbal notes of lavender — without chemicals or toxins. Mist on bed sheets, pillowcases, in the shower, or after thorough home cleaning to create a lingering, refreshing and relaxing experience.

Na Nin Lavender / Virginia Pine Home Cleaner, the ideal companion for cleaning surfaces in the home, including countertops, sinks, tubs and wash room tile. This locally crafted home cleaning spray offers a refreshing experience without the worry of leaving behind a trail of toxic chemicals in the air, only the purity and goodness of lavender and pine essential oils.

Pan Natural Goods Space Mists, an all-purpose mist that can be used to cleanse and purify the environment of any room in the home — as well as home linens including fresh laundry and sheets. CLEANSE contains essential oils of palo santo and sage, a wonderful option to use as a smudge-free experience to aid in space clearing. We keep ENCHANT in the bathroom, providing essences of lavender, rose geranium and sage in a single mist after each bathroom use. All mists provide a subtle, intentional element of Feng Shui for the home through the experience of scent, as inspired by Suzy Brockmann — local Feng Shui consultant and maker of Pan Natural Goods.



For those that love to light incense and candles in nearly every room of the home — or are simply looking to elevate their evening ritual with a romantic aesthetic or meditative experience that prompts relaxation. Our selection of thoughtfully designed incense and blended fragrances travel effortlessly throughout any room of the home — creating a ritualistic spa-like experience in the bathroom, a therapeutic culinary journey in the kitchen, or a safe and smokeless meditative experience as you drift off to sleep.

Bodha Smokeless Incense, which provides just a subtle yet romantic scent to fill any room — similar to that of soft background music. Made from the finest organic woods and essential oils for a gentle fragrance & smokeless burn, so it’s wonderful for those looking for a soft, clean scent without the intensity of smoke that many traditional incense sticks provides. A wonderful and safe option for an evening meditation, or to light during restorative and savasana experiences in the studio or home. Available in CALM (lavender, clary sage & rosewood), REFRESH (petitgrain, violet leaf & frankincense), GROUND (hinoki, cedarwood & frankincense), and PURIFY (geranium, jasmine & rosewood).

Tennen Incense is an authentic Japanese incense experience that explores both the floral and weathered earth elements, directly from nature. The scent so beautifully wraps any space, which you may recognize as the signature Boketto scent as of late. Available in short incense sticks, spirals, and cones.

Na Nin Signature Fragrances & Candles, available in a hand poured exclusive Boketto scent (evergreen, cleansing sage, and sacred palo santo) as well as a Moontime blend (geranium, lavender, bergamot, and clary sage), offering a lovely evening ritual with a simple and clean aesthetic. The Moontime Candle is a comforting reminder to soften and slow down while promoting balance and relief from monthly hormonal fluctuations. Limited edition Na Nin seasonal collection candles are also available — a trio of Amber Balsam, Lavender Smoke, and Vetiver Wood, inspired by the transitional time of winter.

Tulip & Bear Candles, a local collection of artisan candles launched by Margaret Hunter, create a pleasurable and sensorially unique experience for the candle connoisseur. With scents like New Moon to ground, balance, and comfort, each candle promotes a specific mood or memory. Available in travel tins, the beauty of these scents can accompany you anywhere around the world, to feel as though you are right at home.



Indulge your loved ones with the gift of aromatherapy, hand dyed silks, and daily divination tools to enhance their daily experience of meditation, routine and rest. Our host of talented makers and designers, both near and far, offer unique interpretations rooted in tradition, giving modern wellbeing a very thoughtful and purposeful approach.

Bodha Aromatherapy Eye Pillows provide a temporary respite as you slip into a state of relaxation while breathing in gentle, therapeutic scents. A wonderful complement to any beauty, meditation, or sleep ritual, as the eye pillow gently engages acupressure points to soften the delicate muscles around the eyes and release facial tension.

Elizabeth Few Silk Eye Pillow + Pillowcase provide a luxurious sleep experience while protecting the delicate skin of the face and keeping hair untangled and smooth. Designed by local artist Elizabeth Few, each silk piece is hand dyed using flowers and botanicals, therefore each set is unlike any other. For those that relish in the necessity of quality sleep, this is an unparalleled gift experience that they will be reminded of every single evening as soon as they hit the sheets.

Willow Knows Silk Head Scarves are wonderful to keep hair held in place after showering, while bathing, when applying face masks and daily face serums, or to simply keep hair out of the way and tangle-free while sleeping. Hand dyed by Charlottesville-based Jess Breed of Willow Knows, each silk thread is one of a kind, offering a beautiful reminder of nature’s gifts. Custom silk pieces available through Willow Knows.

The ORA+CLE Deck, created by local multidisciplinary artist Jennifer Elsner, is an object of meditation that encourages its participant to explore and uncover truths about themselves. It holds the promise of a dynamic, positive, spiritual transformation via understanding our essential selves. Where ORA+CLE differs from an oracle deck or Tarot is that it’s a looser, more utilitarian exploration. Developed pragmatically, intuitively, and yes, sacredly — ORA+CLE is meant to be used on its own as a way of deepening inquiry, or as a compliment to a Tarot practice. 


Photography by Alexis Courtney / Styling by Bella Weinstein