Yoga Facelift by Marie Veronique

Yoga Facelift by Marie Veronique

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We're excited to have Yoga Facelift by Marie Veronique on the bookshelves of Boketto. This is an illustrated guide to gentle exercises for the face and neck. The book itself is based upon the muscle structure of the face, but these exercises target areas that are prone to sagging as we age. Work (gently!) to firm the jawline, smooth the brow, and take off years with this series of poses that anyone can do almost anywhere.


6 x 9 inches, 160 pages

About Marie Veronique 

Marie Veronique was founded in 2002 by chemist Marie-Veronique Nadeau. Starting with her own line of products to treat her own skincare struggles, she went on to develop a line of her own. She strives to innovate in skincare as a trained esthetician with degrees in math and science.