What Scalp Massage Can Do For You

Simply put, healthy hair starts with the scalp. When your scalp is laden with lingering dead skin cells and product buildup, it makes it much harder for your hair to grow and thrive properly. Studies show that scalp massage and hair brushing can increase hair thickness by stretching the living hair follicle cells and stimulating them to produce thicker, individual hairs. At the very least, scalp massagers can help increase blood flow—which brings more nutrients to the hair follicle.

We recommend a flexible scalp massager like Manta Healthy Hair Brush, designed to gently detangle knots, decrease breakage and allow each bristle to touch your head at all times, providing a scalp massage that’s said to encourage hair growth.

You can use your Manta for about 3 minutes a day on dry hair. We love using it in the shower when shampooing, as it also acts to deep clean hair and scalp— dislodging dead skin cells and product that’s accumulated between washes. But No matter how long your scalp massage is, always use light to medium pressure with a scalp massager— anything rougher can irritate your skin.

Wet or dry, scalp massage and hair brushing feels glorious. Like eye rolling good. Think about that relaxing moment when your hairstylist takes extra time to shampoo your scalp at the bowl. Because there are many nerve endings in the scalp, stimulation helps relieve tension, boost circulation to the scalp… and bonus! can improve sleep.

Boketto LAB collaborated with x Rasananda Apothecary to create Hair + Scalp Oil. Perfect for use with your Manta. Adding a hair oil to your dry scalp massage helps to hydrate your hair and soothe your scalp. With a sesame seed oil base Hair + Scalp Oil boosts the calming and warming effects of a scalp massage.

It’s easy to focus solely on your hair’s health and skip out on its foundation. But now you know. Scalp care is an essential part of any healthy hair care regimen.