Très Jolie

With skin being our body’s largest organ, when we shower, we absorb water like a sponge. So the quality of our shower water has major implications for our beauty routine— including premature aging, dry skin, acne, dandruff, psoriasis, damaged hair, just to name a few. Showering in filtered water is the essential step for better skin, hair & wellbeing.

It doesn’t matter what lotion or oils we have, if the water has harmful contaminants in it like chlorine and other harmful chemicals, putting on the most expensive, nutrient-rich lotion won’t solve the problem.

Do you live with hard water?

Hard water is water that contains a high quantity of dissolved minerals (like calcium and magnesium). Where soft water has been treated, so that the only ion remaining is sodium. When rainwater falls, it is naturally soft. However, as water makes its way through the ground and into our waterways, it picks up minerals like chalk, lime, calcium and magnesium and becomes hard water. Hard water is to blame for dishes with spots, dingy looking clothes, and residue and soap scums in bathrooms. Soap and shampoos are also less effective with hard water due to its reaction to the magnesium and calcium, which makes the lather not as rich and bubbly and leaves hair feeling sticky and dull.

What about Chlorine?

We chlorinate our water across nearly every water system to disinfect and kill bacteria such as e.coli (definitely don't want that!), but that chlorine doesn't need to be there when we shower. Chlorine, along with other contaminants:

  • Strips out the natural oils in our hair & skin, leaving them damaged, dry, and irritated
  • Breaks down the amino acids in our hair, depleting the hair's natural strength
  • Irritates our skin, leading to eczema, itchiness, hives & rashes
  • Dissolves hair lipids, leaving hair looking less shiny, less strong, and causing split ends
  • Reacts with the natural melanin in our hair, changing the color of your hair
  • Speeds up the loss of collagen as heavy metals cause free radicals to form
Do you know your town’s Water Quality?

At Boketto we talk a lot about water. Sure, what we’re drinking but also, its source. Based in Richmond, VA, our hometown prides itself on the James River with its Class III/IV rapids (the only one found in an urban setting!) and oversized rocks for soaking in the sun with friends. It’s picturesque, has a hike/bike trail that connects us to Williamsburg and Jamestown and acts as a demarcation between the north and southside of town. The James serves as the heart of our city for many reasons— including where Boketto Founder, Jelena Nikolajevic, walks her Vizslas Finn and Ollie every day. It’s also horribly polluted. This web search begins to tell you why we’re concerned. And Richmond is not alone in it’s water problem. Many municipalities across the country up the degree of toxins allowed in their waterways, to suppress the truth of water quality.