What is a Microcurrent Facial?

A microcurrent facial uses low-voltage electricity to stimulate the facial muscles, creating a lifting, toning effect on the skin. The treatment is painless and can create short-term and long-term results. 

At Boketto, Microcurrent Facials are our most popular service, for both men and women, and for a reason! Benefits include:

  • Creates a lifted, sculpted appearance
  • Produces collagen in the dermis
  • Painless
  • Non-invasive
  • Zero downtime
  • Immediate results are visible in minutes; long-term use can also prevent sagging in the future

When you arrive at your appointment, first, your esthetician applies Marie Veronique Micronutrient Hydro Mask. This gel feels cooling and delightful, and is designed to facilitate the conduction of current from the microcurrent device to your face.

Then, they'll run the microcurrent device over your skin in sweeping repetitive motions, typically treating these targeted areas: the jawline, the brows, the under-eyes, and the cheekbones. In each treatment area, your provider will slowly glide the handheld microcurrent device along your skin in an upward motion (towards the hairline)— and ror areas like the brows where you may want an extra lift, they may hold the device in one position rather than glide it upward.

While the device is in action, your facial muscles will gently contract, but you won't experience any pain or cramping, but you should feel it. You may notice a twitch here or there and you can ask for more or less current as you'd like. The actual microcurrent part of the treatment typically lasts about 20 minutes— but your facial includes deep cleansing, massage, serum application, and SPF.


Being well hydrated for your treatment is not simply a common sense suggestion, impedes the results of Microcurrent, as well as how you experience it. Drinking 2 glasses of water within 2-hours before your appointment, adequately hydrates cells to conduct electric current better; thus, making your treatment more effective. Additionally, when you’re hydrated, you’re less likely to experience strong pain impulses due to proper nerve signaling.

Hydration-prep extends to not drinking the night before, and of course, do not Microcurrent when hungover.


The best part of Microcurrent is you do see results immediately. This is because not only does the treatment “lift” your face, but it also reduces puffiness by working as a lymphatic drainage tool (think: a supercharged gua sha). Hydration is also recommended for after treatment. Again, 2 glasses of water, within 2 hour at a minimum.

And while everyone loves immediate results, that they’re only temporary; you'll need to repeat your treatment every two-four weeks to maintain your results. 


Microcurrent facials can be thought of as taking your face to the gym, and as wel all know, we need to keep working out to see results. Millennials who love instant gratification are fans, and tend to come once every 4-6 weeks, for 6 sessions. Our Gen X clients can’t get enough, and book a Series of 10 and come every week. Both keep up the results with a 1x a month maintenance schedule afterwards. 

Both our Estheticians are trained in this treatment, so Microcurrent is available 7 days a week. Book a Microcurrent Facial, today. If you like (and you will), our Series of 6 or Series of 10 Microcurrent Packages are 15% less than booking treatments separately. 

There are a few contraindications for this service: epilepsy, heart conditions, and if you have a medical implant device— so if you’re considering a microcurrent facial, and have a medical condition, discuss the risks and benefits of treatment with a doctor.