We’re Feelin’ Salty

There's nothing wrong with feeling a little salty from time to time. 

Our bodies crave salt. In fact, we actually need it. Found naturally in our earth, salt (NaCl) is necessary to keep our gears moving smoothly. Though a lot of people are a little *ahem* salty, about salt, it's an important function in our nerve and muscle process and development, regulation of fluids, digestion (the production of stomach acid), blood pH, and blood pressure. 

And not only as a form of important nutrition, Salt has also been societally important as a beloved mineral ingredient.

Because of its importance, Salt has been treated like gold throughout history. The origin of the word salary is linked to how wages were once paid in salt. Roman Soldiers were paid with a Salarium, which then translated to salary, wild right?

Back when we were primarily hunter gatherers, hunters would often bring home more meat than could be consumed at once. To protect the food from bacteria, meat would be sprinkled with salt to help with preservation. Salt has also been honored ritually as a form of protection, think Salt Circles from your favorite occult movies.

Salt is still used as food preservation, as a flavor enhancer, to help soothe a sore throat, to help with aching muscles in a bath, to remove stains, in beauty and hair products, and more. 

Of course, it's true you can have too much of a good thing and an excess of salt can result in high blood pressure, and cholesterol. So as with all things, ingest responsibly. 

Here are a few of our favorite ways to feel a little salty at Boketto…

Cooking with Salt

We love to sprinkle a little Lava Salt from Dark Horse on our dishes. This salt is a little more sulfuric and smoky in taste. It is sourced directly from Hawaii. The charcoal addition acts as a detoxifying agent, easing bloating and fluid retention. Because of this detoxifying effect, this special salt also helps with hydration regulation. Check out this recipe for Lava Salt cookies. 

In Your Bath

Add a bit of salt to your bath to help soothe a tired body. Boketto LAB Bath Soak salt-blend is paired with oils mad that transport you to a forest in the Pacific Northwest.

Taking a Deep Breath

We keep the Salt Inhaler from Living Libations on hand. This inhaler works as a positively purifying device to keep in your purse or pocket as you hit the road or take to the air. It cleanses and fortifies the breath and airways. A good reason to take a deep breath.

To Stay Hydrated

Quinton Ampoules are tiny little vessels that pack a supportive punch in your everyday nutrition routine. Filled with seawater, reach for Quinton for a revitalizing effect (extra love to your immune system, digestive function, and muscular development) that can support exertion from major physical or mental tasks.

As a Part of Your Beauty Routine

A little salt spray goes a long way…to having beautifully tousled hair. Reach for Boketto LAB Beach Hair salt spray to add volume, body, and texture for matte, beachy waves.


Photo credit: Dark Horse Organic