Travel Staples & Essentials

When travelling, wherever to, we understand that it's all too easy to stress over what to pack and what to leave behind. We want to maintain the same self-care rituals that we practice in the comfort of our own home, but with limited to no access to some of our favorite tools and supplies...all while trying to stay within the three-ounce carry on regulation (if flying, that is). Luckily, some of our favorite staples and essentials come in travel-friendly sizes; however there are also other products that we may often forget to bring along that help in maintaining overall wellbeing and those quick touch-ups when time just doesn't permit.

Skin, digestion, hormones, mood and sleep cycles are all affected when we travel, therefore external and internal support are equally as important in maintaining hydration, regularity, restful sleep and a calm nervous system. Without having to bring the entire home apothecary, we've nailed down some of our favorite travel selects that are worth the room in your overnight or carry-on bag.


Maven Made Travel Trio includes a mini Facial Serum, Headache + Tension Relief and Sleep Serum to target skin, wellbeing and sleep - all of which are affected during travel. 

Wildcare Lavender Hydrosol to naturally balance the pH of the skin while gently offering anti-bacterial and anti-viral support. Mist on before taking flight and upon landing to rehydrate skin, and any moment in between for an uplifting and refreshing experience on the go. 

Monk Oil City Skin Potion for grounding and soothing protection from a sense of overexposure or overwhelm, especially when traveling to dense urban environments with thick city grime and environmental pollutants. 

Nucifera Body Balm for all-over use when you can't quite fit (or don't feel like packing) all of your personal shower staples. Can be used as a full-body or targeted moisturizer, a dirt and makeup remover, a hair mask and shaving cream. Also wonderful as a pre and post sun treatment, as it contains SPF properties.

Morihata Charcoal Oil Blotting Paper as a travel-friendly touch-up to remove oil and bacteria from the skin that has collected after hours in flight or when access to full hygiene cleansing products are limited.

Apothecary Richmond Facial Serum contains just the right amount of serum to get you through an overnight or extended staycation without having the bring the full bottle. The single most important skin essential that we recommend bringing along to help properly moisturize and hydrate your skin overnight (or whenever a little boost is needed). 

Jade Roller to help depuff skin and boost lymphatic drainage while traveling. Think of it as a personal mini facial while on the go, from morning to night.

Facial Dry Brush to gently exfoliate and encourage circulation to enhance your skin cleansing ritual when you're away from home. 


Butter Elixir Lip Balm to soften and hydrate chapped lips naturally. For those that love a little warmth, this lip balm contains hints of cardamom and vanilla.

H Is For Love Lip Glacé is a Boketto customer favorite, as it contains a subtle yet flattering and feminine rose-colored tint that glides on smooth. Enhances a natural lip look or can be layered on top of your favorite lipstick for a glossy boost.

Henne Organics Lip Tints & Conditioner for a sleek little something something to carry with you for a pop of color while also hydrating and protecting, without toxic chemicals. 


Carbon 6 Labs Charcoal Probiotic Toothpaste, the holy grail of modern toothpastes (in our opinion). This high quality, pH-balanced, sulfate-free, carbonized paste contains plant-derived antimicrobial oils, oral probiotics and chlorophyll to help maintain healthy teeth and gums. Just as good to use at home and when you travel to maintain those pearly whites.


Anima Mundi Herbals Lucid Dreaming Elixir to promote restful sleep and soothe the nervous system on a cellular level, which as we know, takes quite a hit whenever we travel. The cure to insomnia in a 2 oz travel-friendly bottle.

Bodha Aromatherapy Eye Pillow to release tension in the face and block out external light as the bodies lures into a state of rest (or just an afternoon nap). Each eye pillow is infused with the relaxing scent of lavender & chamomile while the eye pillow itself gently engages acupressure points to soften the delicate muscles around the eyes.


Anima Mundi Coconut Cream Powder, so that your herbal tonics can still be a thing while on the go. Combine with hot water for instant nut milk and then add your favorite adaptogens (such as chaga, cordyceps and reishi) to heighten energy, mental clarity and immunity. 

Laura's Botanicals Fortify Oxymel, a locally crafted immunity-focused blend of raw apple cider vinegar with elderberry, mullein, rosehips and honey - for something a little more palatable, yet still potent. Take a few drops as needed to help give the immune system a boost to offset travel woes.

Dao Labs Effervescent Formulas, which each contain specific Chinese Herbal formulas that have been crafted with modern wellness and convenience in mind. Digestive Harmony and Cold & Allergy Formula are optimal for travel to maintain gut health and support immunity. 

STAMBA Travel, an adaptogenic superfood blend that pretty much helps to do it all - reduce jet lag, support immune strength, enhance digestion and maintain energy. Ginger and Plant Enzymes (digestion motion sickness), Maca root and Cordyceps  (jetlag and support adaptation & vitality in new environments) + Raw Cacao and Camu Camu (mood and general wellbeing).

Boketto Matcha for grounding energy, focus and mood support anytime of day. With limited access to blenders and kitchen supplies, we love grabbing a steamed nut milk from coffee shops to go and blending our own version of a matcha latte with a teaspoon or two of this powder + any other travel-friendly adaptogens. 

Blog content curated by Women's Health Specialist Allison Walton exclusively for Boketto Wellness.