Boketto Moment with Cortney Herrera of Wildcare

Cortney Herrera of Wildcare has been with us since the earliest days of Boketto, and our love for her beautiful hydrosols, face masks and that superb glowing body oil runs very deep. And now that she’s introduced her new SunRoot Solar Serum — goodness, what a dream. The way that these products work so wonderfully in tandem with one another is a great reminder of how simple and pure skincare should be, sourcing ingredients with intention and care directly from nature.

As a self-taught distiller, Cortney founded Wildcare in 2015 with a dedication to create effective, holistic skincare based on the plant life in her landscape — from red cedar forests of the Pacific Northwest, to sweet jasmine blossoms in sunny California. Inspired by visuals, scent memories, and feelings from nature, the formulas and product names in the line often make their way into Cortney’s dreams - an authentic relationship deeply built on trust, connection and patience. Receiving formal training in Culinary Arts, a year long internship in Herbal Medicine, and a long winding path of continuing education and research, she directly experienced the synergistic benefits of purely natural ingredients and therapeutic botanical care from the inside, out. 

Her energy and perspective is both refreshing and inspiring, and we’re beyond honored to have her as a part of the Boketto family of wildly talented makers offering products that truly do the work to make us look and feel better in our own, unique skin. We’re thrilled to have her share a bit more of her personal philosophy, her authentic approach towards concocting products, the ways in which she nurtures creativity, and the journey behind her latest labour of love — SunRoot Solar Serum.

What is the inspiration and philosophy behind Wildcare?

Wildcare is rooted in the energy that we are supported by the very things that already surround us if we give proper care, respect and attention. This symbiotic relationship is something that is intrinsically a part of all of us. Through each of the intentional products created, we aim to assist in delivering that message and allowing these botanicals to unearth a personal connection - a reminder that we are all nature.

What people, places, things, or experiences help to nurture and inspire your creativity, both from a personal and business perspective?

Inspiration finds me within the energy of the landscapes I’m immersed in, just as much as it finds me in watching a Hydrosol emerge from the still or creating a new batch of one of our masks. Making the same products repetitively reveals organic beauty that may often go unnoticed, as you begin to use your senses more and uncover the unique and natural variation of the botanical materials used. Sitting in our garden in the springtime amongst hibiscus and roses led to the creation of Bee Rosy Mask. Golden Hour was born from sunset walks by sweet blooming jasmine and spicy pink peppercorn trees. Rosemary Bay Hydrosol was the first product released as these two plant guides were growing right outside my door, supporting me as the exact remedy for eczema I was searching for. I really trust in allowing things to reveal themselves naturally as a connection is made. These visuals, scent memories, and feelings from nature always wind their way into my dreams even years later and lead me to formulas and product names so it’s best for me to just to go with the flow.

Your SunRoot Solar Serum is a beautiful labour of love! Would you mind sharing a bit about the journey and process of its creation?

Thank you! I was committed the past 2+ years on perfecting and working with SunRoot Solar Serum and I’m utterly overwhelmed in the best possible way with the buzz its generated and the love notes pouring in. It started when my skin started to crave more moisture in my routine. I was noticing the effects of too much over-exposure from the sunburnt beach days of my youth and again after living in CA as an adult for 6 more years. I wanted something so nourishing and healing - something that fed my skin the nutrients it craved, and also supported me with its aromatherapeutic properties. In the past I felt a disconnect with many products and their scents, and wanted something that was just as healing through scent as it was through its skin benefits. At the time I began formulating, I was witnessing our Artichoke plants transform from tiny delicate beings into strong and towering plants with resilient leaves that remained protected and nourished in the harsh summer sun. Artichoke ended up being the star ingredient through a 4-week infusion of their leaves in this incredibly beautiful Jojoba oil. The base oil of this in-house infusion is sourced directly from a farmer here in the US that is self-taught and does the cold-pressing by hand. 100% a labor of love. Artichoke leaf is a powerhouse in healing sun damage, scarring and repairing tissue. It’s combined with warming turmeric root to curb inflammation, and juicy fruit oils like Sea buckthorn, Rose hip and Raspberry Seed to further protect and repair. To extend even more beauty and peace of mind, it’s a 90+% certified organic formula.

Do you have any specific rituals or practices when concocting products?

I guess you could say that my practice is patience as I trust the signs that I receive when an idea feels true to me. I welcome in visuals, scent memories, and feelings from nature as they wind their way into my daily life, offering glimpses into formulations. I dive deep and study hard as these experiments may take years to perfect until I'm comfortable releasing. I’ve always been an intuitive dreamer so I do also give a lot of power to my dreams as they lead me to formulas and product names. When I remain authentic, essentially what emerges is an extension of myself- a vessel of integrity that attracts a consumer that's longing for a connection to the products they choose to use and the person behind them.

How do you visualize or describe your personal Boketto Moment?

Loving well - nourishing myself - creating from joy - extending that joy. 

At this very moment I visualize sitting in a big open meadow, bugs humming, breathing slow and noticing every micro detail of beauty around me from a tall tree housing a family of birds to a tiny seedling breaking through the rocky dirt. I am soaking in as much sun as possible so I can take that energy and warmth with me and radiate it outwards.