Boketto Moment with Jennifer Sun of Sun For Soul

Nestled among our top shelf pantry of Royal Ghee and Coconut Butter sits Sun For Soul, a marriage of powerful Chinese herbal formulas with sprouted nut and seed based butters that completely blow our mind every single time we dig into each jar. Our daily supplemental dose of goodness, as we like to call it.

With the rise of adaptogens, we can truly coin this innovation as genius, re: take a product that we already know and love, and conveniently combine a host of herbs to provide even deeper nourishment and sustenance. Literal sun for your soul, these unique blends ensure that our energy and liver Qi are flowing smoothly.

Jennifer Sun, founder and creator based in Brooklyn, is here to shed some of that light on the inspiration and philosophy behind Sun, how she envisions the company contributing to the evolution of plant medicine and the future of wellness, and the people, places, things and experiences that help to nurture her creativity along the way.

What is the inspiration and philosophy behind Sun For Soul?

Growing up, my Chinese cultural upbringing and the teachings from my father have both played a significant role in my affinity for holistic healing through traditional Chinese medicine. With the huge rise in adaptogenic products featuring eastern herbal ingredients, I created Sun for Soul with the intent to empower consumers with the ability to practice conscious consumption of such natural medicines. Our mission is to help you listen to your body, so you can understand how to feed it what it needs.

Would you explain a bit about the Chinese herbal formulas that distinguish each of the Sun For Soul blends?

All of our products take a formulaic approach. Since TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is extremely holistic, each herbal recipe includes various herbs with different health benefits. When these herbs are combined, the final formula delivers very targeted healing functions. We focus on Energy (Sun Power) and Liver (Matcha Detox) because these are the two most common ailments that my father treats for, and they usually show up in other ways (e.g. foggy brain, cravings for sugary foods, stress).  

How do you envision Sun For Soul contributing to the evolution of plant medicine and the future of wellness?

I am a biomolecular engineer and scientist, and my father Dr. Sun, is an acupuncturist and traditional Chinese herbalist with over 35+ years of medical experience. Together, we bring the expertise and knowledge behind each Sun for Soul blend. We hope to change the way wellness enthusiasts approach chinese healing herbs by encouraging mindful consumption.

What people, places, things, experiences help to nurture and inspire your creativity, both from a personal and business perspective? 

As a citizen of the world, I am extremely fascinated by ancient traditions and cuisines mostly because I think you can learn a lot from anything that has passed down from thousands of generations. Just as Traditional Chinese Medicine has evolved over thousands of years, these long-lived practices of healthy living and eating are each unique and beautiful — I think we can learn a lot of from the indigenous peoples and their ways of living.

How do you visualize or describe your personal Boketto Moment?

I love a slow and peaceful start to my morning. I never set an alarm and let my body wake up naturally. My morning routine begins with a bit of dream journaling (I write down my dream every morning), a soft jazz playlist, and a nice tall cup of warm tea. And since Qi moves through the stomach to the spleen only between the hours of 7am-11am, it is super important to me to have breakfast during this time, so I can make sure I have adequate energy to power me through the rest of the day!