Thoughtful Indulgence | Kava Koladas, Hibiscus Royales, and "Absinthe" Sours

Though the idea behind the Thoughtful Indulgence series came from a desire to imbibe as responsibly and as ethically as possible— we are expanding the conversation to include a wider audience and to spark new conversations and explore different ideas. This piece will be dedicated to an event we are all so excited about, as summer celebrations come to a close and fall opens its doors, we are inviting in the new season with a mocktail party! 

Purposeful consumption doesn’t stop at natural wines and handcrafted cocktails— it can come in the form of a few drops of chlorophyll in drinking water, adding rosewater to my matcha, or skipping coffee in favor of an iced mushroom mocha from Anima Mundi. In order to take some of their own creative and no-ABV recipes to a larger audience, our in-house naturopath Dr. Alex Cope teamed up with Taylor Womack of Tailored Herbals for “Elemental Elixirs,” a mocktail pop-up which will be hosted by our dear friends over at Pomona Plants. 

One of my favorite “cocktails” on the menu is aptly named the Kava Kolada— Kava is an ancient island vine that our hosts will be mixing with coconut milk, pineapple, fresh orange juice, coconut sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, and star anise for a balanced and refreshing beverage. The non-alcoholic buzz provides relief with anxiety symptoms and short-term insomnia. Kava translates into “intoxicating pepper,” and acts much like alcohol on your brain making you feel calm, relaxed, and happy— without any hangover symptoms the next day. The mocktails are crafted in a way that is exciting— leaving Shirley Temples in the dust and paving the road for a health-forward concoction that is just as much fun to drink as a dirty martini. 

Each mocktail is paired with a “mood” and flavor profile, so that guests can choose a beverage perfectly suited to their health needs. In keeping with the event’s title, each drink is also paired with one of the elements— invoking the spirit of alternative medicine from the East and stimulating thoughtful consumption. 

If you cannot attend the event, we are happy to guide you through our pantry collection at our brick and mortar on Vine Street. We have a curated collection of powders, shrubs, tonics, tinctures, and more to boost your morning elixir or spice up your sparkling water when you aren’t imbibing. 

Please join us for this event on September 20th from 5-8pm at Pomona Plants, located in Church Hill. No RSVP necessary.