The Traveling Apothecary

Deciding what and how much to pack for the shortest or longest travel itineraries can be a frenzy of a process, especially when everything feels important and necessary. For clothes and shoes and items like that, you’re on your own, but at least we can step in to provide insight on approaching your travel apothecary — those items that usually come last and attempt to compete for any open nook in your carry-on or baggage claim.

We’ve all taken turns traveling for various lengths, reasons, and places (climbing trips, intimate weekend getaways, across time zones, and even just temporary staycations in the midst of moving apartments and houses) and think that we’ve nailed down a few of our tried and true elements that help make the journey more easeful. From skin and beauty allies to items that support digestion and a wide range of travel anxiety, we’ve touched on a few golden gems, plus some other little comforts + pleasures where room permits.


Narrowing down your skin products to the absolute bare essentials can be tricky, but many factors come in to play depending on the purpose of your travels. If it’s a vacation that includes time in the sun and an emphasis on complete relaxation, less is more — meaning, most if not all of your makeup is ideal to leave behind in order to give your skin some room to breathe. Travel-friendly serums, mists, masks and a good quality sunscreen might be the bare bones, while some may prefer to layer on a little evening lip or liner. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites that keep our skin feeling light, clean, protected and well nourished — whether we’re traveling far or absolutely nowhere at all, and simply want a few things that don’t occupy too much space among everything else we lug around!

Maven Made Facial Serum, which comes in two convenient sizes (half and full oz), depending on your preference and length of travel. Some like to keep the larger serum at home, and take the smaller size specifically for travel (refilling as needed!). We find that a facial serum is truly supportive for traveling skin, as it helps to deeply moisturize and replenish hydrated, stressed skin (especially overnight). We also love the already travel-friendly trio that includes mini versions of her Facial Serum, Headache + Tension Relief, and Sleep Serum.

Wildcare Hydrosol, which is sized perfectly for your carry on to maintain moisture to the skin when airborne or to simply keep skin fresh and balanced when roaming about. They come in many different varieties to support specific skin types or travel conditions — Lavender is generally a wonderful option for its wide range of soothing anti-inflammatory benefits, and something along the lines of Empress Cypress is great when travel could cause skin irritation and breakouts.

H Is For Love Lip Conditioner + Glacé, the only duo that your lips will honestly ever need in our opinion. Lip Conditioner deeply nourishes and primes, so whether you’re traveling to one temperature extreme or the other, your lips will thank you. Glacé is a hands down favorite that glides on so smoothly and provides just the right amount of pop.

Nala Care Deodorant, for an easy, and mess-free application for pits on the go. We appreciate the free-form approach, meaning absolutely zero aluminum, phthalates, parabens, petroleum, or carcinogens. This roll-on deodorant occupies little space and comes in three wonderful blends: Lemon Myrtle & Geranium, Sandalwood & Bergamot, and Peppermint & Activated Charcoal (their most gentle, baking soda free option).

If you’re traveling somewhere closer to the equator where sun exposure is guaranteed (or the goal), then slip an EIR Surf Mud Pro Stick and Cooling Lip Balm in your carry on. Both contain zinc oxide, so you’ll be well protected from harmful rays without the worry of toxic ingredients that you may otherwise be slathering on your skin from conventional sunscreens.

Also for tropical getaways where pesky bugs and mosquitos may be an issue, we recommend  La Lyra Liberation Insect Repellent with Neem — both of which are chemical-free alternatives to traditional bug sprays that contain DEET and other toxic chemicals. They are both designed to repel and relieve, and is lightweight and not sticky whatsoever. 


To us, travel anxiety is inevitable, so thank goodness for a travel size apothecary to help ease our travel woes and support more restful sleep, especially if we’re in new and unfamiliar territory.



The whole body can so easily get out of whack when enduring any length of travel, making digestion complications heightened or more sensitive — especially if you’ll be eating more indulgently or differently than usual while you’re on the road. As you likely know, it can be super uncomfortable, impacting regularity, causing stomach upsets and flare ups…among things.

Urban Moonshine Calm Tummy Bitters, a convenient mouth spray containing a soothing blend of chamomile, dandelion, burdock and ginger to support occasional instances of nausea, heartburn, gas & bloating. Powerful stuff! A little bit goes a long way, which is why this is our sneaky little ally before mealtime.


You know, those other little ‘nice to haves’ that hardly take up space and help to create a pleasurable experience when staying anywhere that isn’t home. It’s the little doses of comfort that can really go a long way to provide an easeful and relaxing experience; essentially a home away from home.

Bodha Smokeless Incense, to keep the air pure and well scented during your stay. We love how subtle these are, leaving no thick smoke or overpowering scent — just enough to help you unwind after a long journey or prior to slipping into the sheets. Better yet, bring along a Bodha aromatherapy eye pillow and prop your legs up the wall as soon as you arrive to chill out and bust jet lag.

CAP Beauty Love Bath Salts, if you know that you’ll have access to a bath that you feel comfortable soaking your body in. Alleviating symptoms of jet leg while creating a simple, spa-like experience when on the go is very hard to come by, but this special essential oil blend of bath salts is petite and perfect enough. 

ORA+CLE, a welcome companion for those looking to create a more mindful, intentional experience. Not only is this modern interpretation of a tarot deck beautiful and fascinating to look at, it’s a comforting way to occupy the mind. Whether it’s to set an intention before the beginning of each new day, to gain insight and perspective during a long flight for the journey ahead, or create a unique experience for those you might be traveling and visiting with, this is sure to be a conversation starter — and one that fits like a book right inside your carry on. Versatile, creative and fun, in so many ways.