The Host With the Most

Hosting during the holidays can be well, stressful. For both you and your traveling friend, family, or otherwise. At Boketto, we put our brains together to make a list of our favorite ways to play host. Whether it’s keeping everyone comfortable, or adding a few thoughtful touches to your home, small gestures can go a long way.

Being a good host is all about checking in, but also stepping back, and allowing your guest to have their space. Give them the tools to access your space in the same ways you do (light switches, remotes, dog's habits, laundry), and to truly make someone feel at home. 

Not to mention, when you’re a good host everyone can breathe a deep sigh of relief, and not just after everyone goes home.


Keep Everyone Smiling

Add a toothbrush and toothpaste to the bathroom. As fellow travelers, we know how often this item can be forgotten and how essential it actually is. 


Thirst Trap

Because we all are prone to waking up dying of thirst in the middle of the night, staying hydrated is essential. Add a cup, saucer, and a carafe of water to your guest room to make sure that no one has to open all your cupboards looking for a drinking glass at 3am. We love this bedside set from ceramicist La Casa de Pinos.


For the Mane Event

Stock your bathroom with Shampoo and Conditioner for your guests. This way your friends and family won’t be fumbling once already submerged in your shower. These are our favorites to keep on hand.


Keep it Clean

Stocking soap is always especially important, but even more so during this time of the year. Keep it clean with La Lyra’s luxe soaps. Try Commune with Vetiver and Rosemary for nourishing anti-bacterial soap = next level handwashing. 


Towel Off

Most folks don’t travel with towels and so this is definitely a hosting must-have. To level up your hosting game, try these Turkish Towels to keep on hand.


Caffeine Please

Some people just can’t make it through the morning without a little caffeine boost (hello! us!). Having Coffee or Matcha on hand for a little morning energy is a great way to get off on the right foot. An even better idea? Set up a little coffee stand in the kitchen (and teach your guest how to use it) for easy access first thing. 


Set the Mood

Mood Mists work great on linens and in bathrooms. We keep these Mood Mists from La Lyra in the laundry room and on hand to set the mood, keep fabrics smelling delightful, and to clear the air. Spray in each room before your guest arrives! 


Stay Connected

Have you ever stayed somewhere and then everyone went to sleep and you realized you forgot to ask for the Wi-Fi Password? We have. It’s a wonderful idea to write the Wi-Fi Password on a card and leave in the guest room for easy access.


Stay Plugged In

A charger is a simple but kind gesture. Leave them coiled up in a cute ceramic bowl, or plugged in next to the bed. Your guests will be whispering about your thoughtfulness behind your back, which is really just the best.


Taking a Moment

When traveling, it's great to have a moment to yourself and sharing books is truly a love language. Keep a few favorite titles on hand in guest spaces. This way your guest can excuse themselves for a moment alone imbued with relaxation and an interesting read. We recommend a cute magazine rack, or a little standing bookshelf to really finish off the space.


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