Magnesium, 4 ways

1. Skin Hydration

Magnesium is a natural mineral essential to health and hydration. Although it’s not as directly important to hydration as sodium and potassium, it still plays an important role. An amazing hydrator of skin by directly strengthening the skin's lipid barrier. Don't let the “salt” part fool you. Fill up your bath, add a good amount of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flaks and chill. You'll love how you feel, and feel, afterwards.

2. . Muscle Recovery

Magnesium is a standout for its pain relief qualities. From athletes to those in physically demanding jobs, to the COBID sedentary life... magnesium is a known anti-inflammatory. This mineral helps put muscles at ease and loosen up the body, offering you relaxation even in pain. Magnesium is a natural alternative to OTC muscle relaxers and pain medication. Next time you feel burnt out and hurt, just take a magnesium soak and feel the difference.

3. Skin Condition Relief

Do you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, or another chronic skin condition. Magnesium not only boosts hydration but also reduces inflammation. This doesn't just help relax you, it also helps hydrate dry skin brought on by skin conditions. Magnesium can also aid in your feeling less itchy and give you hydrated skin that lasts a long time. Try magnesium an alternative to other skin condition remedies, or in conjunction with them.

4. Reduce Stress

Finally, a salt soak is a great stress reducer any time of day.
Taking a bath in general is a great way to reduce stress. Adding salt to that bath, however, increases the de-stressing effects greatly. As previously mentioned, magnesium relaxes the muscles and relieves the body of pain. This puts your mind at ease, allowing you a stress-free experience after a long day of work. You'll forget all about your aches and pains and be able to focus on healing.

Couple that with all the benefits of CBD and you'll enter a state of euphoria. You'll know that your skin is being replenished and moisturized. You'll look forward to looking younger than before, and seeing your cellulite reduce.
You can boost the stress relief even more with a Dead Sea salt bath bomb or scented solution. However you do it, Dead Sea salt will give you the best de-stressing bath of your life.