A Boketto Moment with Suzy Brockman of Pan Natural Goods

We sat down *virtually* with Suzy Brockman of La Lyra to talk about her new Postpartum Line, The Pisces Collection. We talked about what Postpartum means to her, journeys into motherhood, and creating spaces. 


What do you love to do! How did you develop the Pisces Collection?

I love fixing up spaces! Anywhere, anytime, I enjoy creating spaces that flow with beauty and function. This ties in with my product developments because I see self care products as a tangible expression of what it feels like when you walk into a beautiful space. If dialed in well, serves you with beauty, function, and a healing experience. You then realize that space and product become the same thing - just different versions of each other.

How did you come to formulate the Pisces Collection? 

I formulated this collection during my own journey into motherhood. I didn’t see any products out there that addressed specific needs for the postpartum body so that inspired me to create them. I used the knowledge I gained from my midwife, herbal handbooks, and real life experience to develop them. After testing out my products and fine tuning its formulations over the past 3 years, I am so happy to offer them to others. 

What advice do you have someone for experiencing Postpartum? 

I believe ‘postpartum’ is just a word that describes the beginning part of the rest of your life. I don’t think there is an end to this period of time people so often refer to. There are definitely things we can quantify with a timeline like the healing of our physical bodies, the growth of our babies, and the length of our “maternity leave”, but everything else that comes with this new world after childbirth remains. There’s a wide spectrum of what that is, but nevertheless it’s a highly complex web of monumental spiritual and mental growth.

That being said, the best advice I can give is to let go of expectations and to treat this new life chapter as the most powerful work you will ever do. Meet every challenge as an opportunity for growth and accept difficult things that come up as something you are currently experiencing rather than your own shortcoming. Feelings of recurring frustration, guilt, anxiety, isolation, and anger are all normal.

Don’t hide these feelings. Talk to someone and keep in mind that no matter how much unconditional love and support you may receive from your partner, postpartum is mostly a personal journey that blossoms on its own time with help from a variety of sources. 

How did you name the Pisces Collection?

After my two daughters who are both pisces - born almost exactly 3 years apart. My husband and I like to think that we quite literally created the pisces symbol of two fish swimming separately yet together :)

What do you hope people experience when interacting with this line?

I hope people feel good when they use these products. I hope these products go beyond the functionality of being treatments for a postpartum body by providing that warm feeling that everything will be alright. 

What do you want people to know about the products that I wouldn't think to ask?

I will be releasing baby products very soon along with some products for pregnancy so The Pisces Collection will encompass the before, during, and after stages of this incredible life changing miracle of reproduction!

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