A Movie Moment: Recommendations from Team Boketto

To us, a trusted recommendation is an always welcome gift. And with summer not exactly here, but within earshot, we turned to Team Boketto and asked “What movie gets you in the summer state of mind?” The following is A Movie Moment… Summer edition. (And if you're a fan of popcorn, we have some ideas about that too ☟)



Our Front of House Darling is ready to escape: Moonrise Kingdom “The quirk, the music, the landscape, and the storyline of young lovers who run away. Makes me want to make a pillow fort for the outdoors, project it on the side of my house, and laze away while watching and eating salty snacks.”



Our (Shop) Gal Friday goes nostalgic: “The Parent Trap gives me all the childhood nostalgia. It makes me daydream about summer camp and California wine country, at the same time. Also, the outfits. Very 90’s chic.”



Boketto’s Founder has obvious good taste, and that extends to her movie preferences: “I recently watched Dreamers again, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. I was reminded why love this film. It’s provocative, a little intense, and carefree.”



Our Creative Director admittedly couldn't make up her mind: “So… the movie that immediately came to mind is Call Me by Your Name. Fluidly moving in and out of the house without notice or fanfare (preferably in the Northern Italian countryside), doors ajar, fixies, cicadas, and not needing to be anywhere is my ideal summer vibe (preferably before mobile phones).”



Boketto’s Social Media Manager offers up a classic concert doc: The Last Waltz by Martin Scorsese. “Emmy Lou, Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young (and more), is that you? A dream-like trance of a movie concert. Perfect to put on after an evening by a bonfire, and leave the windows open.”



Our Esthetician gets right to the point: Dirty Dancing. “Patrick Swayze, mmmmmm.”



Via our Naturopath: “For its romantic whims and the funny tics of the characters, all while visiting home during a summer break, Garden State remains an all time fave of mine.”



Our Merchandiser has a very specific moment in mind: “That scene in Eight Miles High (2007) when Uschi and Bockhorn let their hippie bus drive itself on cruise control while they get it on ;) So free and adventurous.”



However you take it, and even if you aren’t already a fan, these pro tips from Team Boketto might make you a believer (again).

  1. For color and taste try Black Sea Salt in oil when cooking on the stove top
  2. I use Olive Oil instead of canola - I'm digging the chili, and lemon Brightland oils lately 
  3. With or without, salt, Furikake on top makes for a more savory snack, anytime
  4. Melted Coconut Butter slowly poured on top of air-popped corn is *chef’s kiss*
  5. Up the ante by adding Rose Powder to the above for a fragrant and delightfully curious popcorn session
  6. Does caramel corn count? If so, you can DIY by sautéing Manuka Honey in a hot cast iron pan or air fryer, look it up online.