Hair: Personal & Political

For anyone who has cut their long hair into a pixie knows, hair is a powerful tool and symbol in all our lives. But you don’t need to cut it all off to recognize hair’s impact, politically, creatively and emotionally.

From writer Marquaysa Battle; “Our patriarchal society constantly tries to dictate what looks are feminine (long hair), what detracts from intelligence (blonde hair) and what is beautiful (straight hair).... Hair switch-ups are a way to aesthetically exercise the freedom of choice and often mark a power recoup in other areas.”

From cutting, color and styling to the practices we employ for hair health, we’re down with the many ways our hair impacts our sense of well-being— inside and out.


No matter the length, in terms of detangling and routine hair health, you want to start with the ends. Work upwards in sections, steadily freeing hair from the bottom and then inching up further with each new pass. Small, steady strokes are ideal, and you can even use your fingers to help “comb” through as you go. As you free up each new section, eventually you’ll reach the scalp area and will have the ability to use longer, slow strokes. 

But take it easy, slow and steady wins the race! Don’t pull too hard or fight knots with force. The last thing you want is to induce breakage. You can always apply a detangling product made specifically for this purpose, and… even a bit of Sisters Nourishing Conditioner or Freedom Apothecary Green Tea Butter can give you the extra slickness and nutrients needed to get the job done.


Like a scalp massage, brushes stimulate the capillaries in your scalp and increase circulation in the area. This increases the oxygen and nutrient delivery to the follicles, which fortifies hair growth at the root.

Daily brushing with Manta’s Healthy Hair Brush can help ensure that you have stronger, sturdier hairs sprouting at the start, and geared up for the long haul.

To start, begin with once a day— and on dry scalp. Increasing to 2x a day causes no harm, so up the ante as you wish and are ready. People with curly hair sometimes prefer to use when their hair is wet which is great because the Manta is a great way to distribute conditioner to the root. Have at it.

And when paired with Boketto LAB and Rasananda Ayurveda’s Hair + Scalp Oil well, that’s some next level. attention This formula was created expressly to help improve scalp health, encourage growth, moisturize scalp & hair, balance oil production, and prevent early graying.

The amla oil is an immune-boosting adaptogen that alleviates hair loss while the butterfly pea encourages growth via increased blood flow in the scalp which strengthens the follicles and helps to darken the hair. Sesame oil is a nourishing source of calcium for the hair and helps with dry skin.

Applying oil to one’s scalp can be nourishing for the nervous system and may help decrease anxiety.


You’ve heard the old adage that brushing your hair 100 times will keep it healthy, shiny and strong? Yes. Sure. And that’s a bit, extra. You know? But, yes! Brush! We’re all for it. To get you on your way, we have two NEW products from Redecker that will make the task a pleasure.

GOT KNOTS? If you’ve ever brushed your hair and felt those painful knots— often tearing through them and breaking a cluster in the process— a well-spaced, flexible brush like the Hairbrush with Hornbeam Pins helps detangle your hairs with minimal breakage.

ARE YOU A SHEDDER? It’s said that we shed 50 to 100 hairs a day. And rather than find them around your kitchen, bedsheets, and bathroom floor, brush them out with a Hairbrush with Boar Hair Bristles?! The brushing doesn’t cause premature fall, unless you're pulling and tugging— instead, the natural bristles coaches out those hairs that were ready to shed in the first place.

We love Redecker because their products prove that quality and sustainability are always a must. Via craft, design and quality Redecker brushes are not only beautiful and practical— but sustainable.