We’re all about growing in vitality. In TCM this is called jing, our essence. Raising our sense of well-being, even for the best eaterexercisermeditator, includes the benefits found in targeted support. Supplements. 

Supplements get a bad rap, but at Boketto they’re NOT a dirty word. Rather, we’ve seen them support clients and customers for years, as well as experienced the benefits ourselves. Taking a capsule (or 4) is part of our morning ritual. Dialing up or down seasonally as needed is a pro move. And we’re here to help.

We stand by our staple apothecary items and are stoked about the new items in our apothecary— including herbal formulas that address painful periods, moodiness, insomnia, and more. Read on!



Created by doctor and licensed herbalist, Shelby Ramirez, Mount Sunny’s range of Body Balancing Blends combine adaptogens, traditional Chinese herbs, and mushrooms to target the body’s immune system, energy levels, and stressors. Each ingredient is thoughtfully selected and deemed safe for everyday, regular use.

— Dragging your feet?
Big Sun gives strength to your body’s cells and tissues allowing you to feel whole throughout the day.

 Want to avoid getting sick?
Wind Guard strengthens your immune system to fight against unwanted pathogens that cause sickness.

 Have menstrual pain?
Yin Return allows you to move with the natural flow of your body and not against it by targeting pain, irregularity, and emotional stagnation.

 Digestion Issues?
Gut Harmony alleviates common ailments such as food stagnation, bloating, indigestion, and poor bowel movements by targeting key digestive stressors.

 Sleeping poorly?
Happy Tree lifts your mood throughout the day by opening up the body to release constraints and blockages that may weigh you down. 

 Feeling Blue?
Calm Spirit settles an overactive mind and soothes the heart to support a restful night's sleep. 

We’re really excited about these formulas. We believe their specificity will target your concerns and restore vitality to your life.


Hilma Occasional Heartburn + Indigestion Relief works naturally to relieve occasional acid indigestion and heartburn. In an independently run clinical study of 100+ people, 94% of participants saw a decrease in feelings of upset stomach after 30 minutes.

Great after an indulgent meal, to use while traveling, or when you’re experiencing digestive discomfort, in easy-to-swallow capsules.

Hilma Gentle Bowel Movement Support is a capsule that gently relieves occasional constipation and promotes regularity— naturally. By combining 4 natural ingredients to help keep you regular without a harsh laxative effect, Hilma’s formula works with magnesium citrate and calming herbs like Ginger Root and Anise to promote digestive comfort. The formula also includes Bitter Orange which is thought to promote digestion and decrease stagnation in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Let food be thy medicine! With winter on the horizon, we turned to our friends at Mount Sunny and their warming breakfast recipe. Sweet or savory, both options provide your body with the proper nourishment to conserve your well of energy (your Jing or essence in TCM) all winter long.

— 3 cups, cooked brown or black rice
— 2 tsp, Cacao Powder
— 1 cup, milk of choice (we recommend oat or rice milk)
— 1/4 cup, chopped walnuts
— 1/4 cup, almonds

Place all ingredients in pan and heat and serve topped with Dried Fruit & Nuts and Manuka Honey.


— 3 cups, cooked brown or black rice
— 1 tsp, fresh minced garlic or 1/2 tsp Black Garlic Concentrate
— 1 pinch, black volcanic or sea salt
— 1 cup, milk of choice (we recommend oat or rice milk)
— 1/4 cup, chopped lions mane or shiitake mushrooms
— 2-3 slices, kombu (seaweed)

Place all ingredients in pan and heat and serve topped with Black Sesame Paste and seaweed flakes.