Golden Milk & Calendula Morning Bars

When looking for a protein bar that delivered on quality, taste, nutrition and sustenance, we knew that we could make a variation ourselves to ensure that anything unwanted, such as refined sugars or fillers, didn't sneak their way in. Inspired by Rezel Kealoha's no bake golden milk bars, we made a few slight adaptions using some of our favorite pantry staples.

In light of our focus on creativity as this month's theme, we're sharing this golden recipe with you to inspire you to view nourishment as an art form, taking the time to make your own indulgences based on personal flavor and ingredients preferences. For example, these bars can easily be adapted by using matcha or cacao powder in place of turmeric, and then garnishing with dried rose petals, pistachios, cacao nibs and anything else that you fancy. And if you try them at home, let us know. 

Golden Milk & Calendula Morning Bars

Adapted from Rezel Kealoha, makes 6-8 gluten-free, vegan-friendly nourishing bars


For the filling

For the topping

  1. Place all filling ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. If the batter seems a little too wet, then add in a bit more protein powder (one teaspoon at a time). Let the filling sit for approximately 5 minutes in order for the liquid to fully absorb.
  2. In the meantime, line a loaf pan or small baking sheet with parchment paper and then spread the mixture evenly and press down with your hands. If you prefer a thick bar like we do, keep this in mind as you are pressing the filling down.
  3. While you are preparing the coconut buttered glaze, place the filling in the freezer to set, at least 30 minutes.
  4. In a medium bowl, blend together the melted coconut butter and vanilla powder. If you prefer a touch of natural sweet, feel free to drizzle in a bit of pure maple syrup or raw honey. Remove the filling from the freezer and pour the coconut butter mixture on the top and spread it out to make sure the whole bar is covered. While the coconut butter glaze is still melted, garnish with coconut chips and dried calendula flowers (or any other preferred toppings). Place back in the freezer to set, at least another 30 minutes. Once the coconut butter glaze has hardened, slice into bars and enjoy. 


This blog post was originally written by Allison Walton— and updated to meet our current pantry offerings.