5 Ways to Deal with Dry Skin

How to deal with dry skin…

Team Boketto put their heads together this week for our top five ways to combat dry skin. While we may be excited about the change in seasons, our skin may have something different to say. This can be frustrating, but our skin is trying to talk to us! So, listen up.

It’s important to remember that there’s more to skin health than just having picture-perfect skin. When you consider the fact that our skin is the first defense of the immune system, it’s easy to see how caring for this organ can be a helpful part of your daily protocol.

Explore below to find new ways to slow down and give your skin a little extra love during this transitional season for both a little extra glow and immune-boosting power.


1. Dry Brush for Dry Skin

Dry brushing is a phenomenal practice touted for its benefits. What benefits, you may ask? They range from lymphatic drainage and increased circulation, to cellulite reduction and exfoliation.

When you’re feeling like your skin needs another step, dry brush before your shower. You can download our free PDF here on How to Dry Brush.

We recommend dry brush massage to boost immunity resilience. Stimulating the lymphatic system moves our main immune cells (lymphocytes) throughout the body— in turn, the activated lymph defends our bodies by fighting off invaders such as bacteria, viruses, and toxins.

The Ionic Body Brush from Redecker is a part of the Boketto Essential Tools collection. We love it to charge your morning routine with this ionizing dry brush. Ionic body brushes form negative ions directly on the skin through natural friction. Negative ions accelerate the transport of oxygen to our cells and body tissue. They stimulate the lymph nodes’ ability to detoxify the blood and thereby increase the resistance of the skin.



2. Serum for Dry Skin

Serums can be a great choice to help support dry skin in the spring. We love them because they are best used to deliver specific nutrients to the skin.  Use a serum after cleansing, but before moisturizing. Serums are made of smaller molecules and can therefore deliver those nutrients that we spoke about earlier. Each Serum is a bit unique, but because of this, they are better able to target and focus your skincare concerns.

In need of intensive repair? Boketto and Marie Veronique have you (and your skin!) covered. 

This beautiful serum combines HAs+B5+B3 which are powerful compounds for chronic breakouts and refining skin. Use this serum when you need to decrease pore size for a smooth complexion.

This serum works to strategically strengthen the skin against breakouts. Instead of stripping, drying, and sterilizing, it instead balances oil production, which in turn decreases inflamed skin from previous treatments. 

Voila! Moisture.


3. Oil Cleansing for Dry Skin

Oil Cleansing is the secret weapon of skincare experts everywhere. During the transitional seasons, it is recommended to use oil cleansing to both balance and hydrate skin.

Oil cleansing to make sure that skin doesn’t become over-stripped.

We love using the Acai Oil by Noshaba Apothecary.

The Acai Pure Treatment from Noshaba Apothecary is a jungle-nestled botanic, native to the Brazilian Amazon its ingredients aid in battling free radicals and extreme inflammation.

This oil creates vitality that goes beyond the surface to restore moisture. How? We love that this oil contains three different B Vitamins along with Vitamins E and C. The antioxidants in Acai are an added bonus. With 30 times higher levels of antioxidants, acai is a real win. This oil is hydration and pore purification rolled into one.

Learn how to Oil Cleanse with our esthetician, Anne, here.


4. Hydrate for Dry Skin 

Bb, drink water. It’s important for hydrated and glowing skin! But you already know that. Go get a glass right now.


5. Book a Skin Consult

For more individualized questions, we recommend a Skin Health Consultation with Anne. Through practice with a professional, routines can be developed to best suit your personal needs.