Oil vs. Serum

A Skincare Stand-Off...

To Serum or to Oil, that is the question. If you are mystified by the world of skincare, you’re not alone. With so many tools, topics, and buzzwords on the Internet, it can be difficult to parse out. If your skincare routine is stressful, you’re working against yourself! But, never fear. We’re here to help.

Why We Love Oils

Though perhaps counterintuitive, oils are great for moisturizing and cleansing. Once you incorporate oil cleansing into your everyday routine, your old cleanser will never be welcomed back. Oils are a favorite of ours because oils protect against bacterial attack, keep skin soft and supple and hydrated, they penetrate skin in order to reach the source and root of acne congestion, and here’s a little secret, oil dissolves oil, meaning your oil cleanser will break up the oils plaguing your skin and deeply nourish those pores (yay!).


Jelena’s Pick: Oil

Acai Oil from Noshaba Apothecary


This jungle-nestled botanic is native to the Brazilian Amazon. Made from a bounteous source of the unique and anticarcinogenic Anthocyanin antioxidant.

These ingredients aids in battling free radicals and extreme inflammation. The oil stands alone to be one of the most powerful skin revitalizers creating vitality that goes beyond just the surface, restoring elasticity and moisture.

It obtains 3 B vitamins along with vitamins E & C. With a 52% oleic acid composition, Açaí Berry Oil ultimately leads to skin barrier repair and deeper penetration of the entire plant extract.

Acaí antioxidants are up to 30 times higher than any other berry on earth, making it an important ally to your skin’s health. This captivating green elixir's high concentration of palmitic fatty acids, which forces water and oil molecules to combine, delivers hydration and pore purification all at the same time.


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Why We Love Serum

Serums are best used to deliver specific nutrients to the skin. Most serum are water based, which differentiates Serums from oil. However, some oils are marketed as serums. Serums are used after cleansing, but before moisturizing. Serums are made of smaller molecules and can therefore deliver those nutrients that we spoke about earlier. Each Serum is a bit unique, but because of this, each serum is better able to target and focus your skincare concerns.


Jelena’s Pick: Serum

Barrier Restore Serum from Marie Veronique


This serum from our favorite, Marie Veronique reestablishes and maintains skin barrier functions, which we know is essential for radiant and glowing complexions.

When working to balance hydration, it's important to function on the stratum corneum. This serum works with that aspect of the skin in two ways. First, it replaces moisture where it has been stripped. Second, it prevents the loss of moisture by creating a liposomal sealing system. This traps water molecules and lets them absorb into the lower level of the epidermis. 

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For a little extra love and support while building your skincare routine, our Esthetician is currently offering virtual skincare consultations. 

Changes in our skin happen throughout life, season-to-season, and so should the products we use. Our esthetician will thoroughly review your intake form and then evaluate your skin during your Zoom appointment. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions, and with your input, we’ll offer suggestions for products and care protocols that will be most helpful to you and your goals. All from the comfort and safety of your home. Learn more here