From the archive: Yoni Care

Yoni, the Sanskrit term for the female reproductive system, is the body’s sacred source for creation, sexuality, and intimate pleasure. It’s a dynamic system that has its own ecosystem, microbiome and pH to maintain a healthy equilibrium, however is highly susceptible to stress, trauma, pain, and deeply rooted emotions that may directly impact longterm reproductive health. 

The inner workings of the yoni are complex, but precious. Composed of the vulva, uterus, vagina, cervix, fallopian tubes and ovaries, these organs support the body’s capability to bleed and conceive. And while we still don’t quite have a full, accurate understanding of clitoral anatomy, it can be considered the powerhouse of women’s sexual pleasure due to the sensitive nerve endings that prompt heightened orgasms. Many suggest that its sole purpose is purely to receive pleasure, yet due to societal conditioning, female pleasure and its role in self-healing has been reserved as taboo.

When we treat personal pleasure as a form of intimate self-care and spend time understanding the map of the body and where it is that we hold pain, the journey towards inner healing is possible.

Vulva mapping is powerful because of our current cultural climate. Women are coming into something new, especially after #metoo. We are being called as a collective to own our bodies and experiences, to be radically honest with ourselves about our histories and desires, and to figure out and advocate for our own pleasure.”

We’re shining a spotlight on yoni care and the techniques that we’re currently finding to be supportive of menstrual wellbeing and reproductive health, from cannabis lubes and yoni serums to the ritual of yoni steaming and abdominal massage. 


While sex toys can be wonderful allies in helping to self pleasure the body, it’s the physical, consensual human touch of hands to these sacred body parts that can provide immense relief from physical pain. The use of a proper lube may significantly help to enhance feel-good sensations, and has been making orgasms more attainable for women. 

For daily self-pampering and massage, yoni serums are a wonderful way to nourish, lubricate and tone the vaginal tissue and around the vulva. The Pisces Collection by La Lyra Yoni Oil can be used as a part of a self-massage ritual for daily or weekly use, and are also great for women that are preparing for birth, or have just birthed and seeking additional nourishment to the delicate tissue. 


Yoni steaming is a gentle technique to restore balance and vitality in the womb that involves sitting or squatting over a steaming pot of water infused with herbs. It is very nourishing to the uterus and know to help regulate menstrual cycles, reduce menstrual pain and imbalances while supporting fertility and reproductive health. The ritual can also be very supportive in emotional cleansing by reconnecting a woman with their sacred feminine center. The vagina itself is already self-cleaning, therefore vaginal steaming does not act as a cleaning mechanism, but works deeply to restore vitality and reproductive function and wellbeing. Natasha Foreman of Lucid Living provides these services locally, allowing for women to address their specific concerns so that she can create a custom herbal steam blend to support these concerns and help provide relief.

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (Arvigo Therapy) help to restore the body to its natural balance through a series of non-invasive, external massage techniques, which help to guide the internal abdominal and pelvic organs back into their proper positions for optimum health and well being. The techniques work by clearing congestion and blockages, releasing physical and emotional congestion, from the abdomen and pelvic bowl. This, in turn, improves the flow of the qi and fluids of the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems and prevents the progression of chronic disease. Kelly Sherman is an Arvigo Therapy certified practitioner in Richmond that offers this service as a way to support women with reproductive health.

Original Post written by Allison Walton, 9/6/2018. Edits made to update products and links.