Eclipse Season

Totality, or a total solar eclipse, is all the buzz this week. On April 8th the path of the moon will obscure the sun for an unprecedented number of people in North America— 44 million people live in the path of totality. And that number doesn't include those traveling to the path to witness the spectacular event. Exciting!

Additionally, you may have heard it’s “Eclipse Season” and only have an idea of what that means. We asked Friend of Boketto, Adriana Simmons of Earth to All Astrology, to break it down for us. Whether you’re in the path 50/80/100%, or not at all, we’ll all be feeling the effects of the many eclipses this season. So let’s get smarter!


Mind, Body + Solar Eclipse

In today’s fast-paced world and hyperactive Aries season, there’s very little that can get us to slow down. The energy of the Sun in the fiery Ram is activating and unstoppable. Aries gets our blood pumping and our bodies moving, springing us back to life. That is, until Eclipse season and Mercury Retrograde enter the chat.

Jokes aside, Mercury stationed retrograde April 1st in the midst of this eclipse season. Mercury Retrograde helps us downshift into lower gears, but in Aries, the mind is still racing. Eclipse season is the much-needed interruption that allows us to ease up and clear out in order to create room for what we are calling in. Think of this as an opportunity for mental, physical and energetic spring cleaning.

The first eclipse happened March 25th with a Lunar Eclipse in Libra. A supercharged Full Moon, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is perfectly aligned between the Moon and Sun, casting a colorful shadow on our otherwise muted satellite. Two weeks later a Total Solar Eclipse follows on April 8th, taking place when the New Moon passes between the Earth and Sun, blocking the light from our life-giving star. Just as there is a dramatic display of illumination and shadows with these events, the light and darkness in our life becomes highlighted. It is an intense time, but a necessary time for fated change and redirection in life.

Everyone knows about the Sun, Moon and Rising, but the South Node and the North Node are two powerful players in the chart. They are not physical objects in orbit, but rather calculated points where the moon’s orbit intersects the sun’s path. This is where the magic happens. This is where eclipses occur. The South Node represents our past, what we are letting go of and where we are stuck. The North Node represents where we are going in this life, what we are meant to embrace and move towards, our destiny.

With the current South Node in Libra, we are looking at the shadow side of the Scales and all that we must release. Libra is the sign of relationships and unskillfully, we can become codependent or people-pleasers. This is a time to focus on shedding the bad habits of comparing ourselves to others and seeking outside validation.

North Node in Aries encourages us to move into greater independence, prioritizing ourselves and our growth. This may bring about a new sense of self as you evolve into new parts of who you are. Know that you are your greatest healer.

Though Eclipse season is known as a portal for powerful beginnings and endings, life and death, openings and closure - do not fear. Stay open to the cosmic guidance and allow yourself to keep moving with the energies coming in. Slow down, relax the mind, be gentle and enjoy the ride.


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