Boketto Moment with Kerrilynn Pamer & Cindy DiPrima Morisse of CAP Beauty

Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima Morisse have inspired us for quite some time now, as they’ve created the holistic beauty empire that is CAP Beauty, which began as a gorgeous storefront nestled on a quiet block in the heart of the West Village — a favorite spot that we frequented many times during our years living in New York. Since then, these ladies have expanded CAP’s presence to Los Angeles, and of course the hearts and homes of so many all over the globe.

These two women share a love for wellness and an even deeper love for refined and inspired living. Kerrilynn’s first business, the boutique, Castor & Pollux, was a much-loved fixture in the West Village. In 2010, she introduced her customers to a small selection of naturals and watched the interest and love for this category grow. Enthralled and amazed that there was no single destination where she could shop for the newest and most exciting natural brands, CAP Beauty was born — a store completely committed to natural beauty. Kerrilynn partnered with Cindy, her longtime friend, collaborator, and photo stylist — a perfect match, as they had bonded for so long over their interest in healthful living.

From their divine signature CAP Coconut Butter that you all know and love, to their captivating love salts and energy mists that have recently decked our shelves, we’re always anxious to see the special new products and collaborations these ladies have up their sleeves. It is a true pleasure and honor to feature these women in our Boketto Moment series, sealing 2018 in a very inspiring, high vibrational way.

What is the inspiration and philosophy behind CAP Beauty?

CAP Beauty was born on the philosophy that true beauty is a function of health. When we practice radical self care — when we use clean products, eat well, exercise, and love, we discover our most luminous selves. Beauty and magnetism come alive. 


How do you approach the company's expansion and evolution within an ever-changing and high demand industry?

For any company to be successful, its leaders must be clear in their mission and they must have a deep understanding of what sets them apart from others in the same field. When we first opened, it was simply our commitment to natural that separated us from the other players in the beauty world. But now with so many others selling naturals, we know that it is our dedication to education and creating great content that distinguishes us. At CAP, natural beauty is a lifestyle and not just a collection of products. This is part of our DNA and an engine of growth.

Our ultimate mission is to get healthier products into the hands of as many people as possible. Every decision we make can be guided by this northstar.


Who do you feel is contributing to this industry's forward-thinking momentum with unparalleled authenticity and creativity?

We like to think we are! It’s our challenge and our mission to do so. We’ve always believed that by being educators first, we can best fulfill our dream of creating a sea of change, of getting clean and healthy products into the hands of as many people as possible. This means democratizing wellness, fighting the stigma that it is only for the wealthiest among us. (So many practices that deliver true health and beauty are free to all). But it also means creating an inspiring space for natural beauty, one that speaks to the most discerning and sophisticated buyers. We love nothing more than sharing the information, the products and the practices that deliver true vitality.

But we also know that we are only as good as our community, as the experts and creators who populate our world. A few of our favorite minds in this field (and there are too many to name ALL!) are: Lacy Phillips of Free + Native, Tata Harper, Julie Elliot of In Fiore, Violette, Emily L’Ami of Bodha, Carla Oates of The Beauty Chef, Greg Arnold of Dark Horse Organics and Bob Roth of The David Lynch Foundation


With the holidays tending towards increased consumerism and the purchasing of materialistic items, what's your view towards conscious gift giving — and some items or brands that come to mind that do this so well?

We love gifts and as much as we love an evolved gesture like a charitable donation or experience, we also love a straight up present. Naturals make such incredible gifts because so many of these products are not only beautiful objects, but they encourage health, self care and real transformation. What a beautiful gesture.

Some of our favorite gifts are high vibrational foods and ingredients like Brightland Olive Oil, Dark Horse Organics Umami Powder or Hot Sauce and of course our CAP Beauty Coconut Butter, Pink Mountain Salt and Matcha. We also love any gifts that encourage ritual, like a beautiful dry brush from Karmameju or an energy mist like The CAPtivator.


What CAP collaboration have you most enjoyed seeing come to life?

The CAPtivator is near and dear to our hearts. It was our first product and it’s so potent and powerful. It creates a state of love and magnetism and deepens our capacity for self love, which we consider vital to true beauty. It also smells like heaven with notes of rose, sandalwood, black pepper and sage.


Favorite recipes from High Vibrational Beauty?


Some at the top: Kyoto Krunch, Summer Loving Raw Tart, The Far Out Temple Bowl and The CAP Beauty Elixir.

P.S. We still have a few copies of High Vibrational Beauty: Recipes & Rituals for Radical Self Care at Boketto, come sneak one if you’re intrigued! The book is so thoughtfully and beautifully done — we think you’ll fall in love. 


How do you visualize or describe your personal Boketto Moment?

A day filled with nourishing ourselves and our loved ones, not only with beautiful foods but with the practices that create vitality and contentment. Time spent outdoors, time spent feeding our curiosities, time spent moving our bodies and sweating, time spent loving, and time spent creating meals that deliver pleasure and health at once — each are Boketto Moments that combine to describe a perfect day.