Holiday Gift Guide | SKIN

In the spirit of the giving season, we’re honored to share our thoughtful curation of gifts that are rooted in ancient rituals and practices, but that marry modern aesthetic with pure intention to adorn those you admire and love this holiday season. Inspired by raw elements of nature that elevate and enhance the experience of caring for one’s self, we have selectively chosen products that create a unique and unparalleled ritual experience — for home, for body, for pantry, and beyond.

Boketto Holiday Gift Guide | SKIN offers intention and luxury in the every day, inspired by INDULGENCE through oils that nourish, ROUTINE MAINTENANCE, and SENSUALITY + PLEASURE. Entice those you love with the gift of nourishing skin essentials that keep the body glowing, humming and radiant from head to toe, as well as some sexy time favorites that heighten the pleasure center of the body for endless days to come.


The intelligence of oils to balance and harmonize the skin while giving off that illuminating glow is the gift that comes naturally by using products rooted in pure plant essences. Oil is necessary for the ceIls of the skin to replenish, rehydrate and renew — an essential part of the healing process. If you are looking to convert your loved ones away from harsh topical cleansers in the favor of the pure luxury and nourishment of botanical skincare, then this curation of our top selling and most admired skin essentials is the ideal introduction to deeply nourished and vibrant, glowing skin.

H Is For Love RAPHA Harmonizing Oil Cleanser infuses nutrient-rich oils with herbs complimented by antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and highly soothing essential oils, giving skin a pathway to health and a framework for vitality. Balancing and harmonizing in nature, this potent daily cleanser can be used morning to night, removing makeup and dissolving impurities without depleting the skin of its moisture and essence. We love pairing this gem with an organic cotton face cloth to create an even more luxurious daily ritual experience.

Jiva Aphoa Body Oils, a line of Ayurvedic therapeutic grade essential oil blends that provide deep, lasting nourishment for the skin — keeping your entire body and immune system humming. Made from all-natural herbs, plants, flowers and minerals, each blend has a personality of its own and provides unique benefits to calm, nurture, soothe, invigorate, empower or ground. Indulge daily after bathing or showering by gently massaging into skin, from hands and feet upwards towards the heart.

Living Libations Best Skin Ever, a signature oil cleanser and moisturizer that leaves skin feeling like pure silk, is the liquid gold that our cult customers come back for time and time again. Available in SEABUCKTHORN — a bright orange essence that is incredibly regenerative and complexion clearing, relaxing redness and paring puffiness; and ROSE — providing resiliency, elasticity, and moisture to the skin while minimizing signs of aging.

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, a suitable option for all skin types that deeply conditions, firms, and enhances elasticity for a clear, even skin tone. The high concentrations of essential nutrients of rosehip fruit and seed oil support the skin’s overnight regeneration processes without irritation. The result is this beautiful, rich oil that’s packed with twice the regenerative sterols and five times more carotenoids than your average cold-pressed rosehip seed oil — improving skin conditions such as dry patches, flaky patches, blemishes, dull skin tone, fine lines, scars, and sun damage.


Be it daily cleansing, exfoliating, dry brushing, shaving, or bathing, these products support the body’s routine maintenance to keep skin soft and well kept — for even the most sensitive of skin types.

H Is For Love LIN Purifying Skin Scrub, a luxury body scrub that makes skin irresistibly smooth, soft and supple — similar to that of Linen, which this product is suitably named after. Gorgeous Indian vetiver, uplifting bergamot, and sweet warm peru balsam lay the foundation of this heavenly scrub that lingers on the skin and entices the senses. For additional luxury, pair with KINU for irresistible, silky skin.

Pai Camellia + Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, a daily skin ritual for delicate and sensitive skin.  For those still on the fence about converting to oil cleansers, this is the one to fall in love with, as the hydrating properties leave skin soft and replenished. Included is a sensitive skin cloth with textured muslin and soft terry sides for gentle daily cleansing that’s significantly less harsh than using standard cotton towels.

Redecker Ionic Dry Brush, as a part of your daily pre-shower or bathing rituals to stimulate lymphatic drainage and support healthy circulation. What sets this specific dry brush apart from other dry brushes is its copper bristles which contain negatively charged ions to create a balance from positive ions that restrict the energy supply to the body from the outside. Pair with any nourishing body oil for post-shower or bathing rituals, especially Maven Made’s Lymphatic Body Elixir that’s designed to further support routine maintenance of daily dry brushing.

Well Kept Safety Razor Kit, for a sophisticated and superior shave experience made for women. Safety razors are far more gentle on your skin and dramatically decrease irritation because they use a single blade rather than multi-blade cartridges. The kit comes with a lovely shave oil, rather than soap or shaving cream, which allows you to shave and moisturize simultaneously. A far more sustainable option, as these razors are made to last a lifetime and contain no plastic.


This season and well into the New Year, may we all keep the promise to indulge and receive pleasure more often. From herbal lubes and bath salts to yoni serums and breast massage oils, we’ve curated just a handful of those that deliver well beyond their intention — reminding us that the gift of pleasure is an imperative aspect of our daily wellbeing.

Living Libations Petal Passion Yoni Serum, to prime, pamper, tone, and soothe the vaginal tissue. This wonderful serum can be used as a delicate massage technique for maintaining and lubricating the entire vulva, or for those intimate moments of self-pleasure and sex. We fancy the idea of pairing this serum with Radiant Love Butter, a moisturizing massage crème and lubricant that happens to taste amazing.

Blind Tiger Bodyworks Be Well Breasts Daily Massage Oil, to nurture the breasts as a part of daily routine self-care. With notes of calendula, evening primrose, clary sage, juniper berry, vetiver and frankincense, it has an uplifting, woodsy aroma that not only smells divine, but works wonders when massaged into the breasts to support the harmony and balance of hormones.